The eyes look out for the subtle changes desired Some profound signs are reflected across the horizon Sun narrates the fate of the world to enlighten souls Many possibilities have been pushed aside in darkest worlds Fear of being exposed of the weaknesses and hybrid ambitions Universe peeved with the debauched souls propagating cynicism Beliefs deficient in reasons, not aligned to Divine energy Chakras of … Continue reading Transition

Eternal Embrace

Nurturing a tiny thought requires patience Plucked from the nondescript and silent world  Rarely one ventures the tranquil place Busy! Ah! I see! That’s a convenient excuse Never mind! The mind is an eager child Mother Nature wishes to introduce a thought Initiate the discussion with a genuine soul Famished eyes dine at the water table Savouring the morsels of cosmic dreams An obedient child is … Continue reading Eternal Embrace


Each blossom awakens consciousness Unfolding of spiritual equilibrium Listen to the silent joyousness  Petals narrate the designs of patience Divine symmetry enthrals vision Eyes sparkle as colours of cosmos emanate A psychic experience with every blossom Mother Nature’s love overflows eternally Silent prayer carried with the aromas Manifestation of pure truth  Holding a flower is experiencing eternity© Continue reading Blossoms


Trying to see the engraved divine speeches There is so much to comprehend from eternity Every facet of the Design is presented Sermons of silence for those who wish to seek Proven morality and principles of life essayed Not from elsewhere or can be borrowed  Here, there, everywhere, a directionless stroll Nothing can compensate for constant absence From the daily narration when soul speaks Any preacher may disgust … Continue reading Speeches

Life Continues

Life never stops, even when I am motionless These profound moments allow the mind to mature In silence, I have engaged in meaningful dialogue with myself Many voices that were unheard were expressing their thoughts Soul visions the unknown dimensions to give a glimpse of life When the mind is alert and awakened during the quiescent phase The Universe’s motion and my progress in life synchronize This … Continue reading Life Continues


This body, a shrine of Divine blessings Where love, kindness, and consciousness resides Now they are desecrated by malefic incantations Evoking unnatural desires to unsettle the mind Shrine, once bathed in tranquil and pure flow of life Resembles a drying stream without any clarity Missing relics of the mind fault of vault bearers Sinister plans were thrust upon the subliminal world Divine mantras, once nestled in the mind … Continue reading Transformations


My mind has a heart too Apart from the one that balances my life I prayed for a new heart for my mind To feel every thought that occurs It pulsates with the same intensity Translates every idea and consults me We are always in a conversation It’s a task managing two hearts But feelings are more important to me Hopeful journey between the two I … Continue reading Heart

Of True Love

True love cannot be wrapped in any adage Without being cloaked in anonymity and a mask There’s never a barrier of expectations between Two pure souls draped in Divine habiliments Without any word being spoken there is consent Love that inspires the happy feelings to flow Infusing the entire existence with vibrancy Hearts radiate the world with eternal happiness Love declares the union of two … Continue reading Of True Love