The Freedom to not Listen

If I were to speak of something unknown, would you try to stop me because it makes you nervous? It’s perhaps the usual feeling to be wary is such situations! That feeling of uneasiness paints a melancholic feature and the eyes become hauntingly gloomy. Looking at them is saddening, but there is no way I can walk back and change the course to return with … Continue reading The Freedom to not Listen

Unreasonable Reason

Our eloquent eulogies of greatness and legacies are given less importance compared to the vociferous support of mediocrity and dogmatic actions. While we all are more or less aware of the philosophies that have and continue to shape human existence, there is always a fierce battle to belittle those efforts. We cannot rise above selfishness, idiosyncrasies, and mass hysteria. Our monumental effort to seek freedom … Continue reading Unreasonable Reason

Journey will Prevail

The journey cannot be beautiful enough When eyes hold a stereotyped vision of the world Escaping to new landscapes is a tiring experience Destinations will provide superficial relief Because dogmas are ingrained in every particle Exceptional will and perception can usher change Creation is a masterpiece with eternal artistry There is wisdom everywhere but eyes fail to see Only a pure vision can experience the brilliance Many … Continue reading Journey will Prevail


When one loses originality The born with beliefs, in disarray Soul comes in direct conflict of thoughts Indecisive, trying to make sense of duality The weakening cognitive processes Leaving an array of slippery thoughts World dawns with the mass accepted meanings Mechanisms to train the minds Think in a linear path, thoughts mostly borrowed The world within tries to defend Vehemently trying to reason with … Continue reading Dissonance

With your Imaginations

Travel with your imaginations Revel in their boldness and grandeur Travel to place never explored by the mind Without the fear or any inhibitions Free from prejudices and existing dogmas Not the imaginations those are restricting Be a free wanderer to delve into eccentricity New ideas are found beyond the traditional New wealth is waiting to be discovered A lone wanderer following the heretical path … Continue reading With your Imaginations