Your Questions

As there are no plausible replies to the genuine queries Timeless ardour has settled elsewhere; there are only voids Indiscernible time wearies the nobility- only empty promises Initially, there are no guilty feelings, only euphoric desires Somewhere, deep down, there are docile pleasures Pretentious communications fail to convince the soul There is nothing to be bewildered anymore… only usual worries Unanswered questions, incarcerated heart, and … Continue reading Your Questions


Doubt lurks in the conspired darkness Furtive looks scan the perimeter of ignorance Weakened digits incapable of counting infinity Abrased mind do not possess the elasticity- To be unprejudiced and energetic to seek beyond Toes curl up and dig into the ground Trying to find some balance and dignity to stand Wrapped in the suffocating bubble of egotism Intellect cramped for space and banished There … Continue reading Doubts