It’s there, everywhere, even within you In your dreams from the subliminal world Consciousness of the day and night blends A course of flowing realisation sparkles Grim places are sanctified with pious feelings Flowing consciousness does not ferment Images do not curdle from fear of darkness Bitter drinks no more, only ambrosia Mouth feels spirited with positive language Every laughter is crystal clear and sincere Shivers … Continue reading Everywhere

Set Free

The ‘I’ may be a lie; created from cajoled perceptions Some even pinned by others to shape according to their convenience Not as flexible as the spine but an irritatingly docile existence Interactions and interpretations in euphoric voices The plasticity and artificiality shapes the characteristics Everyday surrenders are irritating, but eventually one has to To liberate from this ‘I’ and breathe freedom is a positive … Continue reading Set Free

Sleep Awakening

If sleep were to be woven with multiple realities The reclining position and period of quietness can become a profound pattern With designs connected with mysteries of the universe; in conversation of silence Knowledge transferred eternally between the soul and cosmic consciousness A network of truth can determine the values Sleep can erase the persistent paranoia emanating from an unsure mind Let dreams descend through … Continue reading Sleep Awakening


Come out of the mind that stifles your freedom Step out; nervous steps may falter, but always a step ahead Scripted freedom consists of some clichéd dialogues Sloganeering and social engineering; pretexts for distractions While carrying freedom in a soul becomes a burden Wish for liberty and free-thinking spirit to awaken with dawn Life isn’t for a premeditated premise of set ideologies ~Amitav Continue reading Arise

Behind a Door

When emotions are fused to form a formidable door Only a peep-hole to view the world that is being debarred Big eyes with dreams squint to view the world Prisoner behind the assembled thoughts; an irony They should have been free to understand freedom Watching over the world without really seeing anything Complaining about lack of freedom and positive energies There’s that door one can … Continue reading Behind a Door

New Learning

It takes eternity to assimilate entire nature of universe and its changes Life is worthwhile attempting to understand the nuances  Images emerge from somewhere and dissolve so eloquently Again reappears with new facets; as if a master painter’s brush strokes worked on the canvas the entire night Never be fearful of the pure feelings vanishing into the ether They are free to wander everywhere and … Continue reading New Learning


Misreading the intricate designs of night Gnaw away the ability to visualise those vibrant designs Night after night of retrogression Dreams coil away; after waiting too long for the moment of awakening Life escapes through lapses of concentration Easy passes are traps designed to entangle a journey Night stares at the dreamless eyes The distances are too much to mend Sighs churn within to echo louder … Continue reading Misreading