A night is immolated in the morning pyre Ridiculed dreams were unable to rest through the night Suffering in silence; darkness prowled the landscape They sought refuge in the heart, but there was no escape Farcical day gathered an audience to applaud  Dreams suffered the ignominy in silence Banshee’s call prepares them for an eventual fate ~Amitav Advertisements Continue reading Sacrifice


Do you lengthen the day as you grudgingly hold on to the torturous thoughts Although the day may have banished them long ago, the heart still wants to sort them out during nighttime Waiting for the luminous orb to shower some celestial light on the worldly problems Upon darkness’s arrival, the aura of this ever-expanding reality births a new beginning Lighten the heart and soul … Continue reading Fathom

Far Away from Here

Far away, there, look further, stretch your imaginations to the precipice of illusion Let the visions dance, of ecstasy and thrill of an unknown world beyond the haze Seems magical, the dithyrambic expressions from an unknown composition of a wandering poet Feels slippery, but the toes become extremely dextrous at the entrance of an exhilarating world The breeze brings some ethereal news to prepare the … Continue reading Far Away from Here

The Voyage

World in your eyes, a universe resides in the soul The Voyage across places of wonder mapped in celestial maps Turmoil from apprehensions follow; that’s a test of resilience How far a voyager will go navigating across turbulent times It’s tyrannical to anchor the free-spirited desires early in life Where every sparkling dream is chastised and doomed Beasts appear in fairy tales and folklores of … Continue reading The Voyage


In the night not everyone sleeps Some looking for their dreams in the night skies Also, speaking to the silent world is satisfying When the drama unfolds beyond worldly hours Austere times persuade the soul to be awake Enchanted forests, midnight landscapes Mystical lights compose beautiful lyrics Eulogizing the night in a heavenly language Since the vespertine hours, all are invited As spaces feel drowsy … Continue reading Spellbinding


Time slows down and toils enough to gain freedom from the huddle Curbed thoughts fastened to train of thoughts that are inappropriate Feeble readings from the fatigued pages recite a laborious composition Wilted words crushed by the huddled feet trample them to dust Oh the passionate one feels the urge to break away from crowded places Ward off the ill-effects of inclement times and ride away … Continue reading Toiling