Solemn Hour

Solemn landscapes offer no welcome to the wind Feels like a vagabond has trespassed at this hour of dusk Those preparing to go home are collecting their thoughts Trudging along with heavy hearts of unfulfilled dreams Journeying straight paths feel like the steepest climb   Echoes sigh of boredom; indifference to all the sayings Stories are being noted, but misty eyes blur the sentences At this … Continue reading Solemn Hour

Beyond this Evening

Initially, colder the dusk may feel Thoughts reflect through ripples of teal Evening guest has dreams in the eye Sentiments of eternity does glorify Tyrannical lights cannot upset a rhythm Hum fades away and a soul can fathom Proud silence comes closer to reality Unknown whisper pushes away the frailty Glory across the sky painted with love Blessings of a soul fulfilled from above Looking … Continue reading Beyond this Evening