It Stays Longer

A traitorous season stays Dysfunctional, but clearly, that’s the choice Delusional rage over truth spelt out for the first time It takes time to sink in through asphalt paths Truth is more likely to be trampled Faustian values survive without being fed Being in hibernation in underground labyrinths Spewing the poisons of fatal darkness Truth is lame or being maimed Stoking the spirit of hatred … Continue reading It Stays Longer

Existential Challenges

Humanity faces its greatest challenge When souls revolt against souls This earth is abode for all lives Humanity requires a course correction Long lost its way in intolerance and chaos Emotionally disengaged and hedonistic Dysfunctional minds and wayward souls Earth faces its biggest challenge Deciding on the biggest liabilities Destroying paradise at will with impudence All kinds of abuses can be listed We asked the … Continue reading Existential Challenges