Eager Eyes

Eyes eagerly seeking through an interstice, much overjoyed Without the distracting lights, the images emerge from the verge of darkness Like a childish wonder, the eyes roam around in a mystical world No one holds my hand; there are no predators here  Only pure silence and anticipation of emergent illumination  The world feels synchronous, the heart feels vibrant and soul elated About the approaching newness … Continue reading Eager Eyes

Silent Reflections

A thirst that’s unquenchable  Busy throwing rocks at the river Hoping to gulp some of the sweetness Or, disturb its tranquillity With broken pieces of burden Jealous of the playful fishes Lustrous souls dive eagerly To unknown depths of joy Mocking at our fear Averse to universe’s happiness Not willingly surrendering to life Trickles down at intervals Not essentially to rejuvenate Only to soothe thirsty heart … Continue reading Silent Reflections

Ideas for Change

Suddenly waking up one day to improve the world or the situations in society is not a brilliant idea. One has to continuously remain conscious about the perpetual indifferences that have already rooted itself in the psyche. Change is always a gradual process and becomes even more difficult to implement when the inaction has been prevalent due to the understandable willingness to conform. Positive change … Continue reading Ideas for Change