Is this a New Awakening

My curled up days, the fetal position, when days give a slender chance Stubborn chill the amplified shrill amidst a silent uprising of desires Staring at the primeval fears when cosmic churning are vigorous Blank spaces have become aggressive and possessive, it a wild chase Up there, beyond the clouds, much deeper into the celestial abyss Change of consciousness, a new plan is written on … Continue reading Is this a New Awakening

There is Fear

Oh-so incredibly perplexing the order of the events Tired of rearranging them; they settle on their own On unsettled segments created by irregular lines When boundaries look like feverish insecurities Unfamiliar nights vehemently lure the restless soul There are no remedies for a trembling world Shrouded in the inscrutable mystery of incognito time Stillness of the watches bury the vibrancy of life Living through laboured … Continue reading There is Fear


Pinching out from the rotting layers Spreading them across the fragile cloth Fragments of forgotten time between the fingers Bending down for a closer look Is that still a reality which can be compared? Decayed time smells unpleasant Surrendered to the immense pressures of change All those ill-fated clocks have been abandoned The fragile cloth cowers after some time What else could be revealed? Trite … Continue reading Unearthed

The Hostile Climate

Even the most prolific ones feel they should have said more! The silent repentance, the fumbling for words affects them too. What an affliction! There are times that coil up uncomfortably around the emotions and rarely allows them to articulate freely. It feels like desertification! Suddenly, the barren and harsh moments wither the emotions prematurely. The aperture of the eyes gives a silent treatment to … Continue reading The Hostile Climate

Remains Unheard

Through the ages the Earth’s reply is unheard Suitable questions never arise from dread and fear Every night the dreams disappear in a world absurd Morning’s brightness does reflect on a life austere As dawn turns into chaos, rest of the feelings aren’t heard Selfish fear and loathsome behaviour impales like a spear For lack of imaginations the profound silence is stirred The inconsistencies limit … Continue reading Remains Unheard


Mountains, the enormous vaults of nature Safekeeping the eternal legends from indiscriminate destruction Rogue particles of a world gone awry can rebel anytime Change is an inevitable truth, but mere consciousness cannot comprehend  An outrage is a reflection of the fear of the unknown  Seeking all possible ways to propitiate the umbrage against change This relationship is communicated in nature’s cryptic language One can reason … Continue reading Unfathomable

Arched Rocks

A hunchbacked hillock gives specific identity to the region The identity of who carved this has been always a mystery Couldn’t the craftsman reach higher to chisel the crown On a bed of rocks, it meditates, unaware of the worldly pain Looks indifferent to first-time travellers Wait, till the tranquil cave is found in the earth’s deep womb The positive vibes resonate clearly, welcoming and … Continue reading Arched Rocks


Earth contains the oceans and fathomless depths are never understood This crucible of life still holds the intriguing nature of lifecycles One drop is a reflection of eternal secrets Cosmic secrets thrive; protected by the immense waves  Such varied facets of Earth incomprehensible by human consciousness Reflections cannot be woven together to create a credible scene Beauty is enhanced in individuality Each sense in unique, … Continue reading Unknown

Chance Wandering

Skin wakes up;  Brushing against the unrestrained shrubs Murky layered path  Crusty surface becomes finer under pressure Of those feet, in a hurry towards an undefined journey Tingling sensation persists Careless fences do not discriminate Their fate of being rooted along a casual design Maybe an escape through labyrinthine ways Coiled thoughts unfold to reach the boundaries Senses respond to the sudden signs Wandering carelessly … Continue reading Chance Wandering