On The Echoes

You’d resist my echoes, influence the surrounding to restrain my thoughts From being heard by them, yes, I know, they are not fascinated by the mundane world Wish to listen to something different- the usual indifference is getting tiresome Only hope is the passage of time. as turbulently possible to erode the rough surfaces Weaken the forces that diminish the passion of communication, especially love … Continue reading On The Echoes


A feeble voice said, “Hello” Thus spoke an unknown entity Unaware of the presence Searching for the source In reflections of the voice  Trying to decipher the waves Unknown frequency Rhythm feels familiar Lost among dissonance A simple greeting baffles Sifting through memories Maybe, chance upon a clue Mind peeps and then leaps Challenging life’s boundaries Eager to meet the unknown Life of contradictions Mirroring … Continue reading Echo