What the Farce

We cannot seek a safe abode when we are on a mission to destroy the invaluable relationship with nature. While there is much rhetoric about its well-being, there are those belligerent enough to call every such effort to be a drivel. Remember, the adults are troublemakers; disrupting and destroying not only nature but the fragile ecosystem of life. We are bullying and trolling nature and … Continue reading What the Farce

Nature’s Love

Love is, the early morning sunray Conspires with the soul for new ideas Love is, the tranquil flowing stream It’s clarity sparkles like winding necklace Enhancing emerald curves Adorned with love and nature’s plan Love is when an acorn is nurtured To germinate into a towering oak  Whispering the secrets of the ground By ruffling the crown of the tree Winds pick up the stories to be … Continue reading Nature’s Love

Nature’s Message

There is an uprising in Nature Winds congregate to unsettle the quiet Our endeavors have gone too far- Desires have severed the ecosystem Nature has ways to communicate with Elements To wake them up for some action We have given enough causes for a reaction Hope we are prepared To face the turbulent times ahead  Our idea of creation relies on destruction Without being inclusive … Continue reading Nature’s Message

Life of Concrete World

This concrete world is a manifestation of our dreams. It started with one single dream which branched out with the addition of many more. Slowly, creating an ecosystem of dreams; substantiated and realized by the various formations that exist and many which have perished due to nature’s wrath or consumed by time. Every particle available in different combinations and state gives shape to the dreams. … Continue reading Life of Concrete World

The Messages of Life

When the heavens conspire To disseminate subliminal messages Through the realm of unknown intelligence Mostly they dissipate into an abyss of chaos Few minds are conscious of the messages Revealing the mystical chapters of life Chronicled in papyrus and stored in secret libraries Nature holds the key to the unknown corridors Leading down the labyrinth of ancient knowledge Even mountains and caves speak a surreal … Continue reading The Messages of Life