Between the Heart and Soul

Things that the heart loves may not be kind to the mind Even, antagonistically scheming toward the soul Loses significance in the fierce love for some extrinsic transitions Short-lived ecstasy does not satiate the eternal soul Temporary does not have the time to mature with the seasons For, every season’s transience births another surprise Life settled in realm of true love can live the freedom … Continue reading Between the Heart and Soul

Seeing and Believing

Happiness is not in seeing, but anticipating the beautiful moment that is conceived in the soul First, the heart is enlightened and mind takes the role of a messenger who is entrusted with the honest storytelling To convince the eyes to prepare for a pristine experience, only to be filled with tears of awakening ablution It’s an ecstatic feeling absorbed by each pore; the tingling … Continue reading Seeing and Believing


The flurry of movements Each step birthing a frenzy to lure consciousness Chemical imbalances and declining feelings It is euphoric to witness the crazy enthusiasm Heads swaying to exploding tunes of acrimony Torrential ideologies dim the natural senses Stern algorithms creates a parallel world  Willingly entering into an alternate reality Education has become counter-intuitive Vitriolic comments drip from poisonous tongue Exposing the savagery that still … Continue reading Movement

Night’s Eloquence

The night draped in flawless black silk Souls glide their feelings across the wilderness Waiting for the Moon to bathe them In pure illumination of Divine light Nature’s silhouettes decorate the canvas Sometimes brushes the clouds to settle them Tallest branches of trees signal When lovers walk out in elegance Ready to drape in an attire of flawless silk Oriental music whistles through hollow bamboos … Continue reading Night’s Eloquence

From Poison Trees

Every seed of wrath Will germinate into a poison tree Bearing delicious looking fruits To lure away the unassuming souls Nurturing a garden of deceit Core of every fruit will continue the legacy Through the wily labyrinth The garden will entice you to surrender Outstretched branches to entrap you In the sensual play of serfdom An eerie world transformed with manipulations A soul lost in false … Continue reading From Poison Trees

Versed with the Universe

Words pirouetting at the edges of the mind The celestial tunes creating harmony around Feelings have been preparing for the grand event Flowing along with the lifeline, across your universe Only you and the ecstatic feeling in divine dervishes Initial slow rhythm building up to a euphoric state Finally, you feel one with yourself, the souls summon Relinquishing the worldly pleasures make you affluent Feel … Continue reading Versed with the Universe

Evening Rains

As the evening settles down slowly There’s a surprise hidden in the winds Ushering the drizzles on the parched land Slowly the cascading droplets feel the euphoria Transforming to a more rhythmic rain dance Evening casts a spell with the lyrical display Paces slow down for the soul wants to enjoy Soul desires to be drenched with ecstasy Today’s evening drapes a captivating hue Shimmering … Continue reading Evening Rains