If it is not the exaggeration is believed easily Then why simplicity is scorned and ridiculed Discourse cannot rise above churlishness That which transpires within is amplified Theatrical apologies are mere distractions Images portrayed on the screen are decoys Behind the scenes are unscripted and real Enough lights to influence the nuances Fans of tainted legends are rambunctious It isn’t an adorable display of ignorance … Continue reading Theatrical

The Beginning is Ambiguous

When exactly we start dealing with aspirations, without even realising the spelling of this word is a mystery; apart from that, the immaturity we have about its origin and exploits in context of society and ongoing communication. It isn’t everything about formal education but the conditioning of the mind from leaning ideologies with which we have surrounded ourselves with. Mostly we prefer leaning against the … Continue reading The Beginning is Ambiguous

On Literature

Literature does not thrive in a crowd. Understandable, literature is not the commonly chosen topic of discussion. Only with time and mature leaning towards writing(s) and their myriad sentiments become accessible to the one who has set out to journey the world of words. Writing is not merely a frivolous foreplay of pen and paper, but a serious pursuit in seeking and communicating the profound … Continue reading On Literature

Life Lesson

You only require extensive ‘Branding’ when you want to sell something and popularise the same. A lot of media attention and bandwidth is dedicated to disseminate unhealthy and regressive ideologies. It is evident, that respect for each other in society is diminishing, causing more friction, frequently resulting in conflagrations. Life does not need ‘Labels’ and as it is not a commodity or a corporate idea, so … Continue reading Life Lesson


Numerous pools of thoughts filled with slimy consistency Viscosity due to the deep inconsistency and alien friction Only available sources to satiate the thirst for knowledge Drink, or not to drink?  Greasiness fills the mind with sycophancy Seeps into the central nervous system to initiate unnatural craving As the definitions of success collapses exposing the underbelly Bipedal beings walking around aimlessly to satiate the thirst … Continue reading Lethargic


Everyone trying to emphasize something or the other Arguing over, neither this is right not that Compartmentalized knowledge and some traditional views We accept that change is inevitable, yet hold on to the same There is dichotomy, a choice between practicality and banality Sometimes overruling traditions to override digressions Then the liberal mind takes over and leads to self-destruction Liberated- a meaning being twisted with multitude of … Continue reading Emphasis

Paths and Deviations

The untended feelings of the heart often threaten paradise Wilting flowers just being a bud will not be allowed to bloom Colors will fade away for being in the darkness for too long What good is a flower if it cannot share the aromatic soul? Fate of a heart becomes taciturn and life becomes spiritless Holding on to the platitudes, for conformity is the choice Wrongful and … Continue reading Paths and Deviations


It starts with a simple pledge to be truthful to a journey Along the way, painstakingly collecting memorabilia  Simple needs transform into desires, progressively Somewhere, the collected memories and moments lay idle Failing consciousness of the minute details of the heart In the rush, there is no time to trace the silent contours  Pupils dilate to accommodate the rich desires of this world Vision turns away … Continue reading Turns

With New Ideas

A journey from the quill to a pen Beyond our imagination, the journey When ink spilled over with misuse Many edicts bear the signature of hubris More than a blotch on human endeavor From papyrus to the blank pages Sentences across caved in from pressure Recorded misadventures in memoirs Many thoughts were a noose for freedom  Strangulated thoughts and muffled voices Yet, the might of the … Continue reading With New Ideas