Manipulative Darkness

Night exploits the timorous light while the universe is busy surrendering As reality blends into a blinding cavern, to never appear again Tomorrow will be hidden like a secret message, yields it not to everyone, elusive Rarely its true nature evolves, before another darkness magically prepares a concoction Of rare lights, unfinished events and stories, souls yearning to decipher the undisclosed fate Reflections like apparitions … Continue reading Manipulative Darkness

The Flaw and Reflections

There is a flaw in our thinking process because we believe that glass is fragile. It shatters and lacerates the reflection, the images we hide from, and the reality of the prevalent world. The weather if filtered to give those eyes a false dream, or a changing canvas that represses the feelings and voices. None can gauge the health of glass, and its transformation to … Continue reading The Flaw and Reflections

While Wandering

While wandering alone, there’s no one to destroy the name It’s the daring soliloquies that either blame or praise the changing landscapes Sometimes dense, sometimes sparse, there is always some astonishment Of seeing the newness of the good and bad; there’s no vanity or hiding from fear Or, the urge to hide in some deep cavern constructed by the doubtful shadows Their overworked hands and … Continue reading While Wandering

Unconvincing Reason

Using ill-conceived reasons to allegedly convince others to move away from the knowledgeable reasons that have evolved from the intense thinking of senses represent a vulgar approach to push people away from reasoning convincingly.   Jealousy may serve the purpose of an over-inflated ego but ultimately becomes a tyrannical master to ruin any ethical reasoning. Life thereon becomes an excruciating journey devoid of any particular … Continue reading Unconvincing Reason

Wicked Desires

Incandescence of jealousy lighten the colours of naturally vibrant feelings Such meek surrender to comparisons in a way fraught with pernicious desires A voraciously consuming relationship that feeds off an ambivalent mind Mischief in the eyes of intentions masked by numerous excuses that are conceived Nervous relationship surrounded by a plethora of overzealous devilish eyes There are so many reasons to deceive the soul while … Continue reading Wicked Desires

Time’s Fault

Censure time for every possible folly that is being made Hackneyed stories to malign the world; prepare a bouquet of complaints Ambrosia diluted with unfavourable feelings are weak Life mentioned casually over the lengthy explanations of egotistic images Poetryless emotions overflow and breach the territories of rhythm Objectification of life is a visual observed through a broken kaleidoscope ~Amitav Continue reading Time’s Fault

To Experience Life

The irresolute emotions breathing in self-seeking desires Loses the vision of a wonderfully expanding world, ready to embrace life and mediate between the upheavals There are lesser chances of escaping the conundrum of woes while desperately looking at the image sculpted from delusional eyes The silhouettes cannot walk around the empire of light without feeling the nakedness From the fetal position to many wanderings with … Continue reading To Experience Life


It’s archaic speaking in a dialect that does not evolve from the darkness Whatever may be the subject, they feel subjected to a limited scope of discussion Never coming out of the shadow of a definitive character of an ego Replicated in many dimensions reflecting from uninspiring surfaces Caught between numerous intersections of busy conversations  Only to an uprising that subsides unenthusiastically and meekly in … Continue reading Archaic


The ‘I’ is oblivious, or even, zealously unaware of sundry feelings A serpentine view imprisons the soul and snatches away the ability to feel It’s only crude realisation of what is important of a shrinking world Resembles a tiny little pond that is dangerously on the verge of drying up The crusts surrounding the ‘I’ demarcates the precincts of understanding A wonderful world slips away … Continue reading Oblivious