Do you anticipate an expression(s) or is it that your actions trigger a string of reactions which could be the antithesis of your positioned thoughts. How closely one can read faces and their expressions depend on the uncountable times the facial contours change at a given moment. You may look ridiculous while concentrating on the uninterested faces of passersby, who only care to sneer at … Continue reading Anticipation

In the Meantime

While we become complacent in comparisons, there are more definitions sought to fulfill the vacant spaces that stare with penurious eyes. Such definitions hungrily absorb the original identity. Tackling and juggling the tumultuous sentiments are like a precarious ride from a falsely elevated position. Arrogance is a weak facade to defend against a barrage of sullied reasoning. The temerity of inflated ego is a spectacle … Continue reading In the Meantime

A Character

Once spoken, the face flies off Leaving the being without an identity Before being replaced by another Sits uncomfortably  Conflict of interest shapes reality Eyes beg for perceptions Disconcerted hair speaks with the wind Standing near the precipice Bridge starts few inches away from a step Vanishing into the befuddled clouds Egoistic eyes swell with pride Stings of lies swarm from creepy lands Face feels … Continue reading A Character


Itinerary planned through installations and institutions Insurgent thoughts inciting incendiary incidents Inimical thoughts indict the heart by initiating inconvenience Intolerance emanates from incapable and incarcerated intellect Individual ideas indoctrinated with idiomatic incantations Inadequate identity is indisposed from inescapable inflictions Id inflates with illegitimate and insolent ideologies© Continue reading Inconsiderate

Journey will Prevail

The journey cannot be beautiful enough When eyes hold a stereotyped vision of the world Escaping to new landscapes is a tiring experience Destinations will provide superficial relief Because dogmas are ingrained in every particle Exceptional will and perception can usher change Creation is a masterpiece with eternal artistry There is wisdom everywhere but eyes fail to see Only a pure vision can experience the brilliance Many … Continue reading Journey will Prevail


Restrain the conflagration of pseudo-knowledge Consciousness is inadequate to control an Inferno Briny tears will not be enough to appease the rage Propitiate the eternal source which blesses life Every micro detail is being chronicled in records Ideas to subjugate life according to deviant ideas Meager hearts cannot pay obeisance to Truth Life is a blessing and radiates with soul’s awakening Eagerly know thyself by relinquishing the ‘I’© Continue reading Knowledge

Do Compete

As long as you are competing with yourself to emerge as a better person, every day, it is the most difficult task you have at hand; whereas, any other competition that exists in the world are nothing but trying to prove yourself in comparison to others. Euphemistically put, one who can inflate the Ego bubble bigger.  But, there’s always a simple needle of wisdom which … Continue reading Do Compete

Self-realization and Self-obsession

There is a difference between self-realization and being self-obsessed. Self-realization means you are more aware of the self, which is the microcosm of the eternal Universe. With self-realization, one has humility, gratitude, and the eagerness to know more about the existence, whereas, being self-obsessed an individual will speak in reference to the ‘I’ and express ‘Ego’. Self-obsession is a cage and gives birth to the … Continue reading Self-realization and Self-obsession

Positivity and Negativity

Intolerance towards goodness, positivity, and gratitude brings misfortune. Turning away from such positive energy will allow the accumulation of negative or dark energy which shrouds life with insecurity. There will be a propensity to experience the negative and with (in)decision often lead an individual towards the path of self-destruction. When Ego turns into a negative force, it will deny the individual to look at life … Continue reading Positivity and Negativity