Life’s Fashion

We fashion our thoughts, beliefs, and attitude towards life according to the most dominant trends. In the process, we forget that we have cloaked our heart and soul which prevents us from viewing the world with our true vision and feelings.   Fashions change and transform the social milieu every other day, but do not forget to see through the embellishments and seek the truth with a … Continue reading Life’s Fashion

You and Life- A Realization

Focus on the ‘I’ To open up your eyes Not only peripheral vision Awaken from slumber Open the mind’s eyes For there is vision Evoke the soul to visualize Respect the essence of life Expand the consciousness All lives are sacred Born of the universe Cosmic bonding Realize the bonhomie With self-realization There comes clarity To understand life Your fate Related to karmic deeds It … Continue reading You and Life- A Realization

Stumbling Block

Don’t let ego be a stumbling block You are the manifestation of the universe Magnanimous is life that goes beyond living Channelize the ego to cultivate a fertile mind Elevate the mind and disseminate knowledge Acquire from the relentless pursuit of truth Let there be learning from the freedom of self Challenging the concrete rules of institutionalization Rise above the feeling of ‘amour-propre’ Embrace the … Continue reading Stumbling Block