A Rose

What does the rose hide between its petals? The aroma, mystery, love, or hypnotic mantra Everyone falls in love with a rose Sometimes, the lover feels envious of its popularity A rose is much more than a flower From a bud to the flowering grandeur, in many colors It’s held with utmost elegance between slender fingers Thorns wither away and do not have a chance … Continue reading A Rose

Night’s Eloquence

The night draped in flawless black silk Souls glide their feelings across the wilderness Waiting for the Moon to bathe them In pure illumination of Divine light Nature’s silhouettes decorate the canvas Sometimes brushes the clouds to settle them Tallest branches of trees signal When lovers walk out in elegance Ready to drape in an attire of flawless silk Oriental music whistles through hollow bamboos … Continue reading Night’s Eloquence

When the Moon Descends

When the Moon descends in those eyes Captivating replica, that shines brighter Embellished with astonishing sparkles Moon feels adorned with purity of love Those eyes can make the Moon blush Nimble feet dances like graceful air Stars join the soirée to decorate paradise Flowing mane gleams with ecstatic ripples Wilderness is brightened by elegant soul Night comes alive to transform the fate O’ generous Moon, … Continue reading When the Moon Descends

The Enchanting Pen

The pen that holds the magic ink Infusing life to dreams of the Soul Words sprinkled with secret mantra Profound hymns will flow with elegance Mind is a tireless traveler Wandering far and to unknown destinations Collecting the untold stories Eyes of the traveler look for inspiration Even in the rocks and arduous terrains In rendezvous with the silent world Listening to stories that are … Continue reading The Enchanting Pen

The Wonder of the Night

The night’s still young A lazy elegance in the air Drifting feelings from a solitary heart Brief stillness welcomes the silence Releasing the effervescent notes from heart Humming nonchalantly in a trance Night sky is eternally a source of wonder Many souls watching over our paradise The sparkling smiles light up the night’s canopy Night becomes more intriguing Solitary soul wants to gaze beyond the … Continue reading The Wonder of the Night