Nature of Melancholy

If you are not gladdened by nature’s rejoice Its laughter and iridescence does not bring a sparkle And the eyes wish to dwell in the clasp of darkness That melancholic temper cannot be cured by nature’s healing touch The gossips surrounding the mind like ominous clouds Does not allow the heart to step out with hope Azure absorbs the inimical vibes and reflects gloomy tones … Continue reading Nature of Melancholy

Settle it with Writing

Writing settles so many questions, but the writer is unsettled initially, has to inspire the self to look for a courageous narrative to emphasize with strong emotions. It’s a dichotomy, where the writer and concept are in a contradictory position and it is difficult resolving such passionate issues with few words. The necessity to write down the experiences encompasses some unrealized spectrum of life. It … Continue reading Settle it with Writing

Showing Empathy is Difficult

Is being empathic difficult in times of persuasive competition? We may be seeking to compete where there doesn’t exist one. Contradictory views perceived to be antagonistic is only looking at the partial paradigm of communication. We forget, that communication is to accentuate the ideas and also settle such trivial rivalries. When the distractions and images of (fierce) competition are seen only as a rivalry, it … Continue reading Showing Empathy is Difficult

Hope and Despair

Literature grace the pedestals of rejections Words recited in an accelerated pace, to still have some time To dissect the feelings and leave them there, exposed Lifeless words as feelings sublimate Then there’s no chance that a glance will show empathy In an effort to resuscitate the lines with hope Lucky, if placed over the heaps of pages Or  else, will be shredded and swept … Continue reading Hope and Despair

Facing Empathy

What are those emotions that govern the face and eyes? Assimilating the most common gestures and images Some memories emerging from the forgotten destructions Nature fails to recognize the contorted miming faces Thoughts are paired with specific moods That which possesses the mind and grips all reasoning Certain behaviour secretly visits the personality Lured with a euphoric proposition It’s a litmus test for the puerile … Continue reading Facing Empathy

To the Messenger

One can dream of traveling with the winds They visit from nowhere with fresh messages  The trusted interlocutor Ask about the teacher who sends words of wisdom Seeking nothing in return Only keen ears and open minds to comprehend Truth is never easy to accept Heart may sigh and turn away for a while Never mind, the wind will visit again Universe is compassionate towards the … Continue reading To the Messenger