TEDx Video: Thriving Under Pressure

Originally posted on Thriving Under Pressure:
Good news to share! I have been working on a TEDx project with the University of Windsor TEDx team since December. And just an hour ago, I received the good news that the finished video was uploaded to the official TEDx site today! So exciting! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czXG8odb7pY If you like, please share this TEDx video with friends and family on social media.… Continue reading TEDx Video: Thriving Under Pressure

Relevance of Writing and Creativity

The growth of social media may not be the ideal reform for your narrative you have in mind. Maybe, your thoughts are restrained, and you believe in a more prevalent narrative to connect with the string of ideas that are being planned with an algorithmic command. Most prevailing perception of being connected with an accepted form of communication restricts the growth of ideas and language. … Continue reading Relevance of Writing and Creativity

Knowledge and the Journey of Life

We always have given in to temptations; we have created many throughout the ages and with faltering steps and eager intent walked into the sphere of a make-belief world. We believe that we gain experience by living these temptations and then begin exercising our mind to compare. Our success and failures, as we have come to perceive them, are all in comparison with how others … Continue reading Knowledge and the Journey of Life

Transform Life

Humanity has a penchant for trivializing Almost become our destiny to express in silence- Our trials and tribulations Considering them to be our only fate Speech falters and lips quiver in desperation The inability to express an unbearable pain An entire world within gripped by suffering As we retreat to dwell in an introverted world Even a sigh from the soul freezes every feeling They … Continue reading Transform Life

The Pertinent Problem

Leadership is not about egotistical pursuits. True leaders show the path as a guiding light, with gratitude.~ Amitav We have neglected the problems and ills of society for too long. We have always been, as a society, looked for superficial remedies for any problem(s). In fact, we have entrusted the reins of the society to doubtful leaders, who are groomed and supported for the role. … Continue reading The Pertinent Problem

Knowledge and Development

Insecurity borne out of insufficient knowledge always decides in haste. The obdurate minds, emboldened by the stamp of authority consider their decision to be final and sacrosanct. Vanquishing the common desires and demands of the people, only a few assembled minds prepare the agenda. Being vain, by virtue of sparse education that fails to inspire and shape minds. There is a comprehensive ploy to encourage mediocrity … Continue reading Knowledge and Development