First Appearance

Who knew the beginning will be an enigma, but here we are still puzzled, complexities wrapped around consciousness Seeking a definite purpose, with codes of morality, ironed out, but the creases are still evident Lack of evidence, exhaustive calculations and hypotheses; but the transformations are subtle and beyond any perceptible change, the one we can control Every period with their own set of problems, a … Continue reading First Appearance

Delayed End

That imaginary abode being saved from the intruders Who are they? Their identity may have stirred from surreptitious thoughts Tranquil pleasure rebuked by those steely gazes  Nature of anxious moments feel ominous to the heart There’s no cure of the fallacies, as the book of Nature was ransacked Feeble abode barely stands now, rickety windows and doors squabble Entwined with the fate of darkness, time … Continue reading Delayed End


Let those unsettling thoughts burn peacefully Ashes will seem to be gloomy in fading light Waiting for cover of night to satiate the embers Dying fire of rage will finally surrender tonight Vision will cut through ephemeral existence Walking away from the plunders of vanity No forceful mastery over ways of chosen life Tawny canvas absorbs the disconsolate tears Wiped illustrations of melancholy fade slowly … Continue reading Ashes

End and Beginning

Every beginning has an end writ as its fate From another end, to create a different beginning Modifying the flaws and altering the code An experimentation to negate anomalies Weak ties will be identified and retired  No beginning is possible without an end An alter-ego holding a contrary theory of Life Two opposites communicate and try to balance Every spiral will be modified to sequence … Continue reading End and Beginning