Mysterious Journey

It is true that dreams can unfold some mysterious events An unknown environment has people telling their story Like a cinema which has different characters Dreams become that big-screen where the stories will be shown They may not be audible but the passion says more than words Sometimes, it is an enigma, why such lengthy dreams appear Before the anonymous eyes; of which the mind … Continue reading Mysterious Journey

An Enigma

The more you strive to accumulate They dissipate into an unknown abyss Leaving you dissatisfied and inadequate You cannot embrace an eternal enigma Trying to force a meaning to your perplexity We have known this to be an enigma Not even an iota of idea about the expanse You have to delve deeper to unravel the mystery Or else, just a journey through a sea … Continue reading An Enigma

The Enigmatic Journey

When you resonate with the stillness You will realize the various moods of nature The myriad shades of feelings pour out Encrypted messages waiting to be deciphered Ancient prophecies derided by the modern cynics Many paintings and monuments are testimony Of the existence of life that we cannot dream of We are novices, the stillness of nature exudes The richness of life’s deeper existence is … Continue reading The Enigmatic Journey