Visions have Reasons

It’s a perforated pattern; light’s filigree crafted with a celestial vision Precision primordial designs are not meant to be replicated by mortal imaginations It takes a lifetime and more to trace the entire plan Without the skepticism, arrogance, and fragile premises of discussions Digressive viewpoints are unable to decipher the simple complexities Enlightenment isn’t an entitlement at the multiple crossroads of light Without the reasons … Continue reading Visions have Reasons

Of Beauty

When you gaze at eternity And look for beauty to arise Reflecting the beauty within Subliminally guiding the light To splash the beautiful colors Mirroring your inner world Beauty speaks in dreamy eulogy A zealous heart reminiscing The warmth of eternal beauty An enchanted universe Where dreams leap and frolic Expressing the childlike innocence The seasons conspire To weave a fairy tale of beauty Realizing, … Continue reading Of Beauty