Mystical Music

Mystical sound waves weave magic As I can visualize the transparent screen Composed of pure music Reflecting my subtle imaginations vividly Waves of universal symmetry Transitions each dream into a lucid space Music takes the Spirit to another world Nature reveals the hidden wonder This space is perfect haven to reminisce The sound waves lead me to a different realm Where harmony reflects from every facet© Continue reading Mystical Music

Lack of Equilibrium and Contemplations

The ambivalence of mind and existence Creates two extremes- of surrender and mutiny Highly volatile phases followed by submissive calm Many pseudo-philosophies have been postulated To distract the mind towards haphazard directions Each, leading towards a cul-de-sac Men and women, leading their children Everyone following the path of uncertain journey Of unknown consequences, this world turns tumultuous There is no sense of calm, minds influenced … Continue reading Lack of Equilibrium and Contemplations