Time Still, Yields Surprises

Time is still and silence spills over yesterday’s complaints Indolent life’s moments feel misleadingly tranquil Some borrowed reasons behind the unwelcome thoughts Affectations easy, the scripted perceptions cannot clear the haze Doubts, even more, and the palpitations of yore exposed A burden of imitating the designs questions the consciousness It’s silliness to waste the tears on the burning desires Sometimes the times are excruciatingly hypocritical … Continue reading Time Still, Yields Surprises


Maybe they are brittle, the knots still intermittently restrain the pace Now that they are feeble and loosen their stranglehold, bold voices speak Of their complicated designs to limit the flow of legitimate criticism For every possible distraction with their craftiness create disruptions These thought to be strong bonds are blatant flaws devised by tyrants Unfortunate censorship of thoughts abbreviate the truth of feelings Unnecessary … Continue reading Knots