Something Superficial

The acts of superficiality become a formidable cage after some time Tightly wound in a convoluted pattern The wired patterns strangle the real essence Immense effort of the toiling minds behind the deeds Time, twisted and forced to a grotesque meaning, crooks reality Delicate senses just evaporate like the fine fragrance Unable to bear the cunning dilemma between life and utter vanity Split images, reflections … Continue reading Something Superficial


The resounding slap of nature surpasses the sound barrier Stunning; it wakes up lethargic consciousness from slumber Stultifying silence and apathy of heart revolting against its culture Hardworking monsters have built a replica of a dome There’s that constant reconnaissance threatening freedom of thoughts An air of artificiality stunts the maturing process of minds Every day the drink of disgust and slow toxicity is culpable … Continue reading Effect

Lost Essence

Rushed by thoughts An unusual transformation of the mind Galloping with nascent energy Funnelled before they can escape Through the narrowness Every idea becomes future’s nemesis Receives critical acclaim from ignorance Decisions of yesteryear Serves similar purpose of maligning  Right does not stand firmly Their weakness bends the spine Feeble voices unworthy of protests Long arms of ignorance Confines the heart in a quandary Time … Continue reading Lost Essence

About Poetry 

Poetry does not desire any adulation or unnecessary attention with excessive extroverted efforts. The verses are composed with mature and true eloquence; each line wrapped in innumerable layers of sentiments. A poet evolves and experiences life from uncommon perspectives, risking stern looks and constant scrutiny from a world that is comfortable viewing life through clichés. Poetry acquires it’s resilience along with grace from poetic endeavour … Continue reading About Poetry 

Insipid Life

We have ceased to be still As stillness is perceived to be laziness Constantly in motion Faster mobility and various destinations Never a dull moment Yet, we cannot savor the true essence The soul of the landscapes and skies Tranquil waters and forests Pleasing to the eyes but lacking vision Hurrying through life Without feeling the vigor of Nature With lethargic souls and hearts The … Continue reading Insipid Life