Another Reality

Soft tones of an early moment try to elucidate the rising feelings Quietness is a trusted friend during the luxurious realisations Becoming aware is like moulting, a new beginning, a new perspective Fresh appearance, wonderful reflection will be magnified Holding on to the purest energy and wandering purposefully Collecting scattered treasures of supernatural nature is a pride Brilliant eye, the most significant orb, is aware … Continue reading Another Reality

The Dreams

A different world would make a difference, so the dreams say Is there any reason, not to believe in the quiet insurrection Hopeful times, the symbolism of life, the recurring motifs Choosing the powerful talisman for the soul, a conscious mantra Some dreams last forever… waiting, just behind the veil of reality Painting the world in darker shades while there is an eternal light Unreasonable … Continue reading The Dreams


Starry skies waiting for the starry-eyed to come out of that lone refuge Sprightly heart urges the soul to don a new attire for the special occasion Spirits of hope times the clock; hands signal the arrival of sterling moments Sanctuary crafted from the eternal dreams open a new world of freedom Serenity signals the sprawling landscapes lit up with millions of celestial souls ~Amitav Continue reading Stunning

Night Transfigured

Dream of the darkness, gentle but deceptively conspiring with the stars Playful banter or serious reflection on the transient cosmic manifestation Astonished eyes seek to understand the dreams that are wide awake now Distant flames reproduce from magical transformation and eternal mantra Languorous moment it seems to the busy world, but the heart is in ecstasy Rumored laziness is a facade, before universe’s fantasy vision … Continue reading Night Transfigured

That’s Simple

There’s this simplistic simple and intricate simplicity Both unfold at the threshold of consciousness they reach Is it all about machination of time? Eyes evolve to adjust to the light that is able to penetrate life Mind can be persuaded to perceive change after meditative consideration Cunning light plays with the first attempt to assay the overenthusiastic emotions Overjoyed with puerile conclusions, the simple designs … Continue reading That’s Simple

Ideas of Love

Difficult to accommodate love in shrinking places Its nature so authentically transformed with some ideas Injustice, for love to stand trial and face eccentricities Believing the metaphors not enough True nature eludes human heart Hope, dreams transcend those barriers of definitions Amidst frantic approximations and false perceptibility Heaps of undeserved praises from untruthful tongue ~Amitav Continue reading Ideas of Love

Some Dreams

When the mind pauses to experience nothingness Cradled in a dream moment Everything vanishes from this part of reality Without permission from worldly desires Noises funnel down to a barely audible whisper Taste of sleep brings along this prevailing calm Muffled songs can be heard by the soul This is a world echoing with prayers Such grandeur around the world of nothingness Hours are erased … Continue reading Some Dreams

Just Seek

Mind seeks to explore the unknown places Otherwise thought to be fabricated intentionally Or, imaginations stretched too far pains the beliefs When desires of consciousness become too strong To go and seek; restless mind won’t allow sleep  An unknown yearning to satiate the curiosity One who seeks to relinquish acquired knowledge Evacuate the common perceptions Being free and without any apprehension of unknown There may be … Continue reading Just Seek

Stellar Moments

Why the shadow of sleep Celestial world wakes up now Firmament allows passage Eyes to seek beyond  Endangered realities still there Cloudless, stellar souls  Wishing to deliver the truth Dome of clarity Reflections alive with hope Let’s not paint sleep Take a dip in Celestial Ocean Cosmic frankness is alluring Away from sophisticated lies Simple realities to salvage Existing in immensity Sleep can be asked to … Continue reading Stellar Moments

Ideas Beyond Time

Much to the astonishment of Time Some ideas are birthed and progress rapidly Free from the constraints of being monitored Pure ideas emanate, but their origin a mystery A meditative mind meets its fate along the course Solemn moments choose the worthy messenger Ideas will be communicated for continuity Carrying the cadence of the reverberating truth Where time loses relevance in this dimension Dynamism of … Continue reading Ideas Beyond Time