Eulogy of Lamentations

Lamentations of the poet take shape in the heart It is sincere and private; of all the experiences and observations Only the deliberations in solitude can reveal their intentions They are here to stay for they have found a suitable cave This is an endless world, the poet’s world, where darkness loses its way Why elucidate their concerns or even daily occurrences of being disoriented? … Continue reading Eulogy of Lamentations

The Enigmatic World

Poetry eulogizes the enigma- the Universe O’ the words just flow like a clear stream Imagination that transcended the boundaries The mind was summoned by the wilderness The soul and heart rushed in anticipation A journey entirely fulfilling and fascinating Voices of the universe narrated many tales With childlike fervor the soul wanted more The ears have become used to the voices Forgotten ways led … Continue reading The Enigmatic World

Prelude to the Night

Evening slips in furtively through the twilight Clarion call for the tired souls to find a dwelling Slowly the veils of night will bring tranquility Life of the night weaves a trance-like splendor Don the robe of free will to welcome the infinite Earth that dazzles with the millions of smiles The commitment of the night to rain somnolence Walk through the immortal dreams in … Continue reading Prelude to the Night

Of Beauty

When you gaze at eternity And look for beauty to arise Reflecting the beauty within Subliminally guiding the light To splash the beautiful colors Mirroring your inner world Beauty speaks in dreamy eulogy A zealous heart reminiscing The warmth of eternal beauty An enchanted universe Where dreams leap and frolic Expressing the childlike innocence The seasons conspire To weave a fairy tale of beauty Realizing, … Continue reading Of Beauty