Where it Begins

Flaccid ideas create a trail- an uninspiring landscape Mere selfish thoughts are wound tightly; a strenuous life Jealously burns longer than the lights of the day Singes the beautiful night too- dreams run away Life is a mere formality as it stretches feebly over a reality Poor language emerges the only means of communication It fails- only misapprehensions and failed relationships Carnivals of mindless frivolities … Continue reading Where it Begins


Impatience provides a momentary euphoria Rigours of silence when the world is talking in an indecipherable language Surprises of joy from an unknown source slipped between life and you Beguiled by the slippery path that journeys through insecurity The treasures of the soul forcefully taken away by masked brigands Once, they felt like eager hands of friendship; but, they became hostile Lamenting about the loss, … Continue reading Scattered

The Crowd

Once you are absorbed by the crowd, you forget the yearning of solitude Cradled by the multitude, the thoughts go through a tumultuous time The intoxication of seeking approval by the myriad possibilities that are promised Frenzied delights the heart racing towards the masquerading euphoria  Ineffable persuasions lead to the enormous dome full of masked realities It was unexpected for the soul to feel alone … Continue reading The Crowd


Cluster of troubles dance in ecstasy between the euphoric cross-sections of strobe lights Such a delightful environment is created from the amplification of dilemmas Conundrum of troubles possess the magical power to attract other troubles into their world Hypermobility of thoughts and their changing ethos interact with the hyperactive world They do not respond to the natural lifecycle of change, but always have a mind of … Continue reading Troubles


With leaden thoughts trying to contort and fit in a box Claustrophobic freedom, yet there’s so much anticipation  Pruned; to be fixed with some other branching thoughts Without the luxury sunshine, dependent on artificial lights Gleefully prancing around the boxed world Timed existence; always hurried and educated to follow the clock The chorus sounds strange within the confines High frequency of anxiety dancing around in … Continue reading Rise


Trapped in shadows, the feeble winter sun gives that feeling of aloofness Heart is willing to daydream about the charismatic season and calmly observe The winter’s slumber and delicate images across the idling moments It seems, time necessarily decides to slacken the pace to alleviate the pain Another dimension comes into existence and witnessed by mortal eyes Everything that feels trapped now is thoughtfully embraced … Continue reading Pause


Love lights up the cosmic chandeliers Eyes search for hidden emotions; unfolding the soft crepe An obscure silence overhears unheard passion Faintness illumined by quintessence celebrations Desires burn every obstacle, before plunging into nothingness Petulant world vanishes with the magician’s wish Love eclipses the momentary frivolous narratives Eternal chandeliers lights up a magnificent world ~Amitav Continue reading Magnificence


There are times when we do not seek time’s assent Trying to negate an illusion that is essential to keep track Open palm, few lines that criss-cross as perception of fate There are no engravings on eternity’s soul, Yet we etch deep patterns of sorrow on our heart along the way Failing to hold on to innocence, only glimpses of it in retrospect Churning in … Continue reading Times

Convincing Scripts

Counterfeit characters perfectly suited in finery Measured to perfection to accentuate the body into work of Art Of exaggerated desires and emotions touching the contours  Silhouettes transformed into individuals for a convincing role-play Scripted dialogues, thoroughly rehearsed for perfect pitch and modulation Under the spotlight, light fills the body with different frequency Emitting vibrations of an alluring type to seduce the audience Aura of pretence becomes … Continue reading Convincing Scripts