Benevolent Night

The night does justice to the stars and meteors Providing the perfect backdrop for them to illuminate Night sky becomes gorgeous with magical extravaganza Only the brightest souls shine eternally during the night Exuberance waits with patience for the daylights to wane Night becomes the time for entire cosmic celebration Every shining light of nature reflects a euphoric soul Night dwellers sacrifice sleep to join … Continue reading Benevolent Night

Versed with the Universe

Words pirouetting at the edges of the mind The celestial tunes creating harmony around Feelings have been preparing for the grand event Flowing along with the lifeline, across your universe Only you and the ecstatic feeling in divine dervishes Initial slow rhythm building up to a euphoric state Finally, you feel one with yourself, the souls summon Relinquishing the worldly pleasures make you affluent Feel … Continue reading Versed with the Universe


The wild wilderness Of the valley of idleness Idolatry wondrous words Toward the culmination Balancing across the edges World down there Looks stiffly wound up Wrapped in a bubble Criss cross across alleys Intersecting haphazardly Panoramic view of busyness Lone wanderer Idling away in thoughts As the world drowns In the sea of cacophony In the idle land Time forgets to roll Nothing utopian It’s … Continue reading Idleness

Shy Luminescence

The night reveals a shy luminescence Painted with the soft brush strokes A scene of ethereal beauty across the canvas The clarity of the silhouette edges is mesmerizing An abstract art evolves from vivid imagination The fervor of the silent night draped in grandeur Trembling with shyness the eternal beauty of night Divine beauty descended from the heavenly abode Intoxicating night’s aroma stirs the euphoric … Continue reading Shy Luminescence

Realm of Silence

The soft touch of silence Waves in the tranquil feelings Deluging the parched soul Toward the magical realm Buoyed by the pure beliefs Soul flows with renewed life Ushering in the truth Closed eyes can view the universe Through many galaxies This soul travels Anecdotes of all experiences Now at the confluence of your being Once the realm of known is breached There are endless … Continue reading Realm of Silence

A Memorable Walk

When you are away from the spotlight Walking alone through the silent streets The moonlight comes to your rescue Blinded by the dazzling artificial lights The eyes take time to adjust to nature’s light Cobbled street seems familiar to you Compared to the sleek roads you traveled With each step, you walk toward oblivion Away from the crowd and cacophony You can hear a voice … Continue reading A Memorable Walk