Some Effects Are Inevitable

Why can’t I erase the frown from a melancholic day? Swaying from time to time, between  unrelated dimensions Searching for some reason under the Fountain of thoughts Far away, some cataclysmic events occurred in a parallel reality Some effects of ancient events still under the mysterious layers Thwarted dreams revisit life- warning in a cryptic language Rich blossoms amidst the gloomy nature is a contradiction … Continue reading Some Effects Are Inevitable


Life pestered with cryptic messages Isn’t it a ploy to deceive? In a cloak of esotericism, the suspiration of a wilderness unexplored Shaping moods of sorrow; a feeling of inability to grasp uncertainty A visage created, with the eyes probing the soul The preserver of another world dawns upon a gloomy world ‘Tis the stubbornness and impulsiveness causing grief Truth sounds vulgar to the ears … Continue reading Esoteric


From unknown depths ancient mountains have emerged The ferocious awakening of another world set an unprecedented change Dynamic perspectives cling on the fierce looking facets How was that space accommodated to compensate for the shift Mighty hands may be directing the rhythmic movement of Earth Stirring the layers of different consciousness through space Sky mirrors the depths in a mysteriously placid canvas  It’s deceiving, when … Continue reading Depths

No Rush

Measured quivering, unknown rhythm of eventide Flurry of activities of winged messengers before retiring Sky gently blends the afterglow with warm invitations for night There is no rush, yet, we cannot fathom the eternal patience Precise movement according to the mood that prevails Nature does not narrate its feelings in abbreviations Glorious languour entices the solitary observer within its folds Exceptional beauty reveals pure feelings without … Continue reading No Rush


Thoughts transcend time for a glimpse of the future Somewhere in the vicinity, yet, mere consciousness is unaware There are supercharged thoughts ready to advance light Thoughts are mirrors, look carefully, images of nearing events Visible traits of the past, although blurry, embedded in every particle Swift changes overlooked by the ubiquitous arrogant theories Inferences have been restricted by the unevolved cells Still, immature narratives are … Continue reading Thoughts

Nature’s Narrative

Modest mind is attentive to the moods of nature There are no superfluous thoughts to interrupt the dialogue Comprehends the origin and reasons the changes Soft light and sombre nature narrates a melancholic tale Encore of the events of yore urgently spoken in unsettled spirit Profound secrets embedded in every particle   The mind is pulled towards the edge of persistent reality One has to … Continue reading Nature’s Narrative

Unfamiliar Moments

A blurry visage intrigues amidst haze of uncertainties Unable to gauge the distance- proximity contrasts feelings Trying to fill the missing memories with continuity Mind is perplexed and unable to explain the Noumenon Travails of the senses are manifested in disparate emotions Gaze intersects in an unknown wilderness of the soul Any definition of this experience perceived to be a misnomer Mind should stop going wild … Continue reading Unfamiliar Moments

Life- Its Events and Significance

Sometimes, the contrary outcomes in life turn out to be favorable. With a positive mindset, we already perceive an outcome most desirable to us. Without our knowledge, omnipresent time looks ahead in collaboration with time, to present us, with its own outcome. At that particular moment, we may become demoralized due of the turn of events. Such occurrences in life may seem to be inimical for our … Continue reading Life- Its Events and Significance

Life’s Book

One wouldn’t want to hold a book too heavy With the collected belongings which are useless Clink-clank of the rusted thoughts and experiences A book too wound up with the unnecessary covers Almost enjoying the dark corners of the shelf The dog-eared pages reveal more unsavory truths Volatile past is evident from the old-book smell The book of life with pages turned musty yellow Book … Continue reading Life’s Book