The Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing Yet, there was everything that celestial hands could create From nothingness, arrives reality  Imperceptible to the worldly eyes, much of what this reality isn’t Particles dance at the behest of cosmic eyes Eternal energy flares across may universes Cosmic portals protected by the Trident Awake the soul from slumber induced by false perceptions It’s always now or nothing ~Amitav Continue reading The Beginning

For a Long Time

Away from those simultaneous experiences It’s a freedom to think, but an unenviable escape Once a casual observer becomes keenly involved There emerges new convictions and truth to deal Some unopened realities are waiting to be released Some kind of intelligence pushes away the distractions Dreams cannot be forsaken after defeating daydreams Caresses of another consciousness awaken the soul It is not humiliating to stay … Continue reading For a Long Time

Events and Truths

In the event of false knowledge, what are the chances for reality shaping up truthfully? Of course, the contradiction is quite clear from the statement, and a sincere argument cannot be constructed from the fragments of truth that are becoming obscure. The events of obfuscating the truth have been a deviously lucrative affair since ages; no one would authentically determine the narrative of truth, since, … Continue reading Events and Truths


Do reasons speak when the mind is impaled by jagged thoughts There’s no reason to choose them and torment the mind From dawn to dusk the painful experience flusters reasoning Faltering language speaks in dichotomous tone  When seeking serenity, the heart is hesitant of approaching any other All other dimensions obliterated from the annals of existence Mechanical speaks are trained by manipulative algorithms An entire ecosystem … Continue reading Reasons

You Decide

Mobility isn’t agility; sounds contradictory, but if you think over it, it may be clearer. Everything is energy, and any movement requires you to spend it, to transfer you from one point to another. Even while you are thinking, you use certain amount of energy and the kind of thoughts matter too. Positive thoughts surround you with a sense of goodness and lessen the effect … Continue reading You Decide

Of Emptiness

An empty crucible cannot be emptied further Even a feeble wind sets it into a coerced motion Swaying with an empty stare without any care Rare streak of resistance cannot stop its journey A facade of being carefree and untroubled  Fools the eyes, but the ears do not miss the murmur Of emptiness it bothers about in a lonely corner A world that grumbles about … Continue reading Of Emptiness