The Less Visible Road

Only road has been pushed aside by the rushing journeyers Somewhere erased, tattered along the edges and faint traces of wilderness Time upon time added a complex layer of monotony to the spaces Trying to explain the complex emotions in trite languages Stories are not held too closely anymore, but unnecessarily ornate Uncomplicated meanderings along that road is a difficult journey Conflicting time tears up … Continue reading The Less Visible Road

A Reversed Pursuit

How far one has to walk away from the soul’s abode to feel entirely lost Lose the ability to sense the trepidations of those forsaken feelings A dilemma stronger than the trust that one used to have on them  Easily confiscate the truth from their possessions and cry for their loss Disconnection spurs the mind to think of an alibi for the curious world Stretches … Continue reading A Reversed Pursuit


Only I can keep my life in the sincerest form Soul cradles the reasons Flowing with ease towards the epitome of existence Dynamic elements are in synergy Life is a privilege with divine affection There is no ‘you’ or ‘me’ Even the ‘I’ blends without Ego Spirit arises to experience higher realms Without the judgements Sincerity of the eyes speaks Grace Nourished soul realises existence … Continue reading Sincerity

Intriguing Darkness

Darkness descends with an aura of mystery The edgy fingers want to feel the mystical appearance Does it leave a stain or vanish without a trace? Depends on the character and consistency A character of darkness? Intriguing to imagine the soul of such an event Does it feel grainy or smooth between the fingers? Visual symphony slowly mesmerises the senses Silhouettes sway with the rhythm of … Continue reading Intriguing Darkness


Some experiences cannot be theorised Beyond conventional awareness Their presence is an eternal reality,  Due to their nature of existence- In an amorphous state   There’s no existential crisis Being is the purpose   Alert and agile, the mind seeks Soul, the dimension unexplored Carrying cryptic messages When everyone is in denial So be it!   There’s normality in stillness A celestial metamorphosis Light comes to … Continue reading Experience