A Writer

A writer must be more responsible in understanding life and narrating the same in their writing to awaken and inspire minds of the readers. A writer should try to become a good friend and adviser to the readers. It takes effort to portray the reality of life in a softer tone, without unsettling sentiments. Writers will go through the travails of life and still be inspired to put their … Continue reading A Writer

With Every Breath

With every breath, you feel life Every time a new world to experience Leaves the soul in awe Entire universe comes to your life To inspire the heart to write From one corner of the world Capture universe’s beauty with imagination Travel through eternity for inspiration World bows before the inspired mind With every breath, inviting the world To unfold every layer of mystery Finally, … Continue reading With Every Breath

Embraced by Dreams

The dreams that you weave With inspirations of the mind Gathered from life’s experiences Universe waits patiently Till you unfurl the woven fabric Life adorned with the motifs Each strand of fabric interwoven with trust Simplicity of design is ultimate finery Warmth of purity provides solace to the soul Any season it may be, you travel with pride Life depends on the nature of dreams … Continue reading Embraced by Dreams

Poetic Feelings

The poetic feelings Tread between real and surreal Mirroring the expanse of imagination Where minds fear to venture And where poetic imagination braves The boundaries of the set norms Poetic liberty narrates the future reality Believe in the journey strewn with odds Poetic feelings will usher the unlikely Emotions and feelings that creates turmoil Within the world of the poet Away from the conventional Without … Continue reading Poetic Feelings