For Clarity

Not everything can be spelled out for clarification The ineffable thoughts seem to coalesce with consciousness Only the silence in mind reverberates with ultimate clarity It’s possible! A silence has not been interpreted completely Minor jolts from the trespassing information awaken a mind Entire Universe conspires to invade and embolden existence Salvage life from predominantly harmful generalizations  Common consciousness has to be entangled to gain perspectives To comprehend … Continue reading For Clarity

The Pursuit and Comprehension of Life

Mostly we tread the unknown and walk along the unknown alleys. It’s a relentless pursuit to believe that we comprehend the meaning and the purpose. On the contrary, we harbor innumerable doubts in our minds. The ever-shifting dynamics of life is too enormous a philosophy to comprehend. We rush into life and the existing system which is process driven. When we try to confine an … Continue reading The Pursuit and Comprehension of Life