It’s difficult speaking with the blemished words Feelings capsize at the first hour of an impending storm How long the nature of language be unperturbed? If they do not seem to be friendly to the tongue Faltering at the entrance of a vibrant world Unwillingly chaperoned towards the complexities Which are mere perceptions, alright, but persistent ones Grovel at the first instance of real conversation … Continue reading Contrived

Literature- Words and Feelings

It makes me think if we have all the words to expresses our feelings in their purest form. Even the vocabulary which we have with the synonyms and antonyms in the Thesaurus are not enough sometimes. From sign language to the words and then numerous spoken languages (let’s not forget those languages which are spoken by very few people of an ancient community or tribe), … Continue reading Literature- Words and Feelings

The Unsaid

The unsaid is often the truth Held so closely to the heart Mirrored through subtle gestures Listen to the unsaid Closely, with an intuitive mind Then what is said? Half-hearted attempt to convey The messages one wants to hear Not necessarily the truth Oft spoken to please With an ulterior motive Oratory and skillful obfuscation Wins over gullible heart Look closely- the body language Says much … Continue reading The Unsaid

Beyond Languages

Languages evolved and went through so many transformations and developments throughout history. It keeps on developing, with the addition of many new words gaining popularity during that age. Along the way we discard many words, they become redundant and finally drops off the pages of dictionaries. With these, there are changes in grammatical rules and some earlier unacceptable words and rules become the norm. How … Continue reading Beyond Languages