It Happens, Eventually

Clever eyes, clandestine eyes, crude eyes, and curt eyes With all their passions, focus on the peaceful gait of life Poor light, peevish days, and the stealthy pandemonium Hoarse calls to destabilise the half-conscious flow of life A dilettante’s explanation of the nature of existence Feeble fonts are written frantically with the frail hands A space too wide to monitor and even comprehend Enemies emerge … Continue reading It Happens, Eventually

Stubborn Images

Trust the eyes, after all, they have to see throughout the days conflicting images Of human manipulations; still, seeing is believing, has become an insubstantial saying Distractions direct them to look here and there- unsincere, uncertain, unimpressed Yet, they absorb the images ravenously, almost as if trying to hide its deep incredulity It’s a delight to dance with the light and rhythmically reconcile with the … Continue reading Stubborn Images

Scribbled Conceptions

The scribbled designs crawl out of the pen  Fingers in a daze, draw from some antithetical realm Without thinking of the consequences  The sluggish flow transform into a torrent  Like circumnavigating another malefic world Whose existence emerges from the sketches At the mercy of a circumbendibus journey A pen picks up the frenzy in a queer way Not all conceptions are adorned with clarity But … Continue reading Scribbled Conceptions

Eager Eyes

Eyes eagerly seeking through an interstice, much overjoyed Without the distracting lights, the images emerge from the verge of darkness Like a childish wonder, the eyes roam around in a mystical world No one holds my hand; there are no predators here  Only pure silence and anticipation of emergent illumination  The world feels synchronous, the heart feels vibrant and soul elated About the approaching newness … Continue reading Eager Eyes

Splendour Night

Let the eyes surrender to the night’s splendour Be filled with the wonder of a childlike innocence and curiosity Gaze at the moon and try to understand its sacred light Luminous face blessed with celestial love As eloquently the starlights create an ethereal filigree art What’s behind the latticed window? Maybe the curious eyes will open today to another reality The divine navarque who guides … Continue reading Splendour Night

Eyes Realise

Cavernous eyes threaten to swallow the images in frenzy Wide open, in anticipation of more precise reflection of existence Hearts of the eyes agonisingly bear untruthful display of emotions Distressed eyelashes sway melancholically over this discomfort Chapped lips indicate the rapidly drying rivers of sentiments Shrivelled heart does not have enough strength to mourn Naked lies have caricatured the entire narrative lusciously ~Amitav Continue reading Eyes Realise

It’s a Reality

Time breaks down into numerous bright stars Magical transformation decorates the velvety darkness Details are revealed through celestial eyes  It’s an extravagant symphony that reverberates Appear before the mirrors reflecting dynamic images Settle down before inviting the soul to speak Flowing mystery joins the confluence of tributaries Night being consciously mirrored with love It’s an awareness graciously absorbed by the heart A fire that illuminates … Continue reading It’s a Reality

Through the Eyes 

Tired eyes, inconvenient heart races against will  Desires rushing past the soul aspire to inhale freedom  Moment’s pause briefly, but there isn’t much time Eyes communicate an uneasy presence among crowded thoughts Wishing upon the universe to listen to an ardent plea Dreams awake and peep through drowsy eyes Across the horizon lights up a path never seen before  ©Amitav  Continue reading Through the Eyes