With Eyes

Eyes have a peculiar fascination to seek out strange angles Adjusting the apertures according to the intensity of light  Trying to familiarise with unknown perceptions and reflections A visual communication sans the usual languages for interaction Subtle imageries shape vision that is concentrated with reason Light filters through with precision to etch memoirs in mind An envisioning mind guided by pure consciousness seeks a path Contemplations of … Continue reading With Eyes

Lazy Eyes

Courageous eyes want to transcend the prohibitive boundaries Fickle environment unsettles a vision that seeks assurance Tempestuous times prove promiscuous for a pure heart Encore of fabricated stories permeates every pore of existence The world frolicks as innocent feelings are mauled every day Incoherent senses with a mind of its own dances to lustful tunes Every word carries a double entendre and is titillating Eyes trained to … Continue reading Lazy Eyes

Illumined Sphere

Eyes stretch to search for warmth  Cold vibes demoralize the feelings Crackling fire speaks to a soul in earnest Warm the cold hands Before placing them on the heart Relinquish mortal pains Accept, life is slow Transient moments hold eternity Fire reflects same passion Soul will ignite dreams with true spirit Bridge the abyss Fire attracts cosmic forces Guides through rough terrains Feel the intensity of fire … Continue reading Illumined Sphere


Eyes hold the ocean Mysterious depths of emotions Every drop of realization Shelter a feeling Miniature world Glimpses of ingenuity A masterpiece To welcome reality Infiniteness of an Ocean And the depths of heart Profound Hold those pure tears Feel the world awaken Look further Beyond you  Eyes meet eternity Feel the blessings Of every drop Ocean of life© Continue reading Eyes

Reflective Eyes

Reflective eyes look meditative There’s a stillness which fascinates the observer Sparkling with intense feelings of life A smile that is crafted with the myriad emotions Contemplative moments run deep in Life Heart beats with rhythm which hearkens divine narrations Eyes slant towards the beauty of an inspiring soul In anticipation to hold the profound gaze  Communicate the true intentions of a soul to soul talk In … Continue reading Reflective Eyes


Eyes are the storytellers Sometimes happy, sometimes poignant Narrates soul-searching tales Soul is the most honest raconteur Feelings surrender here to be felt Honest storytelling by the eyes The clear gaze delivers the anecdotes Condition of the heart finds expression In the middle of watchful eyes Eyes speak for the entire self Here accumulates the stream of sadness Flows without hesitation A heavy heart feels … Continue reading Eyes

You and Life- A Realization

Focus on the ‘I’ To open up your eyes Not only peripheral vision Awaken from slumber Open the mind’s eyes For there is vision Evoke the soul to visualize Respect the essence of life Expand the consciousness All lives are sacred Born of the universe Cosmic bonding Realize the bonhomie With self-realization There comes clarity To understand life Your fate Related to karmic deeds It … Continue reading You and Life- A Realization