Ask Fate

Ask fate where you are destined to go Have you embraced the truth? The truth of beauty, the truth of love Fate intrinsically wound in every particle Cosmic energy is eternal Where thou utilize this energy? When the false life dissipates It leaves the soul broken and bare In the middle of nowhere You are the lost traveler Looking for a known face and an … Continue reading Ask Fate

Art of Deception

Unparalleled mastery at the art of deception Chanting the clichés in the most glib way possible Turning around situations in favor of oneself Words are spilled like oil creating a slippery ground Unaware footsteps are sure to falter and slide Along the smooth and flimsy ground of deception Dexterously looking to spin a bamboozling web around The ferocious urge to prowl and stalk the unaware … Continue reading Art of Deception

The Saga of Love

Inside the maze of definitions and fabrications Real love wanders alone in unknown alleys As many temptations can be devised carefully Many hearts fall for the silhouette of love Painted a world full of hopes and expectations Soon the walls show the cracks and colors fade away Each day becomes an endless labor to survive Trying to save the colors and gathering the peels Walls … Continue reading The Saga of Love