Events and Truths

In the event of false knowledge, what are the chances for reality shaping up truthfully? Of course, the contradiction is quite clear from the statement, and a sincere argument cannot be constructed from the fragments of truth that are becoming obscure. The events of obfuscating the truth have been a deviously lucrative affair since ages; no one would authentically determine the narrative of truth, since, … Continue reading Events and Truths


Lies are colourful and gregariously enchanting They are malleable and easy to craft into many designs Incredibly fast-paced along brazen alleys of pleasure Lights up the fire with few drops of spirit Insatiable face makes numerous contortions Look at the attractive eyes filled with desirable sparks Sensuality glides with wanton feelings and embraces lies Caresses constricts the heart in serpentine will ~Amitav Continue reading Lies


In this feeling of human happiness, there is a trail of indecisive feeling It’s a hasty craftsmanship that sculpts an incoherent crown as a burden Exquisitely crafted to seduce the eyes as suspiciously cut precious stones glitter Compensating for the hollowness and unpleasurable labyrinth of insolence Laurels of this happiness appear lustreless and weigh on the distressed soul Vacant eyes aren’t dazzled by the aggrandized … Continue reading Indecisive

In the Designs

Presented with sketchy details It seems a brilliant idea to fill in the vague areas Photocopying them  Holding the ideas, only to be needled for further annoyance Laboriously marking out the boundaries Replicating the ambiguity is not a novel approach Lengthy discussions offer formulaic decisions Blotched designs embellish the duplicates Skillful fabricators present and promote faulty designs ~Amitav Continue reading In the Designs


Sneaky fellows flounder but find ways to creep into other’s world for a preview Artful dodgers trying to gather support from the ones who harbor similar passion Honest ways require years of dedication and sometimes even noble gestures overlooked World mesmerized with fanatical ideas to collect success without crumbs of emotions Detached from reality and acting as self-proclaimed profligates of extravagant dreams Emotional promiscuity does not allow the … Continue reading Evasive

Knowledge and Ignorance

Gain some knowledge on ignorance Knowledge is played upon to influence minds Tactically manipulated to stem the flow of thoughts In popular domain, some fabricated knowledge External reality is contrary to the actual reality within Ignorance can lead us down the perilous path Attempts to discourage the habit of rightful thinking Ignorance that we are not aware of is our weakness Unrestrained emotions are fueled … Continue reading Knowledge and Ignorance

The Love Saga

Love has become a tragedy Misinterpreted Misrepresented Mistaken Love has become a mere word Losing its relevance In the garb of needs and wants Expectations galore Apprehensive Vulnerable Fragile Love is threatened by definitions It’s become a photo-op Media’s manipulative portrayal Of a convoluted saga Love has become a drama Scripted with fabrications Plots Actors Performers Love has become an extravaganza Applause For the greatest … Continue reading The Love Saga