In a crowd, faces are puzzles  So many different combinations of thoughts Some, we reflect Also, absorbing keenly the unobstructed reflections Intersecting at a space of consideration There is an emptiness which we try fill with reasoning A nervous approach at conclusions The very essence of humanity tilting towards them Sometimes pleasing; mostly a conflict of auras Sensitive portrayal of overzealous brains Lips dangling in … Continue reading Conundrum

Inexpressive Faces

Inexpressive faces, bemused mirrors scatter the insipid reflections Taut facial expressions do not reveal enough sentiments Maxillofacial intricacies beyond the surgical precision of interpretations Banality spills from the eyes, flowing incessantly to deluge life Faces lose their identity and true feelings repressed as fate Moving lips heavily guarded, inability to speak a free language Tongue lashes out at the slightest provocation as weakness evolves© Continue reading Inexpressive Faces

Face to Face

Real intentions hide behind masks Contours of malaise etched with symbolic colors Ruthless silence gleans from the soul of life The vibrant and mesmerizing aroma of happiness Lowly desires strangulate the sweet essence Cauterized skin bears signs of worldly wounds Malafide intentions weaken relations Amassed woes bury the intense feelings Every day, pinch of death numbs the mind Alas! Accomplishments are asymmetrical Afflictions of the … Continue reading Face to Face

Faces and Narratives

Walking through the crowd, greeted by sallow faces Brightness of a new day does not reflect from the eyes Morning clarity is only a solemn reminder but overlooked Possible that sleep may not have had a chance to visit Scrutinizing intensely the life spent without any purpose Life leans and casts an elongated shadow on the future The Sun is perceived to be an intruder … Continue reading Faces and Narratives