Rapid Ascent

Running up the stairs have lessened now Higher and higher dreams have reached Wielding the fingertips to decide Laconic wait within the moving cabin Feels, it has been rehearsed repeatedly Get the feel of redacted rhetoric Whoever can enter the furbished chamber Depends on new found confidence Carefully cultivated language Too early to deny the astounded eyes Dreams that have been polished To reflect the … Continue reading Rapid Ascent


The heart loves some playfulness  Seeking some magical moments Bipartisan views and ambivalence Hiding behind any ideology A quick escape from reason Entirety forcibly split into two Good enough to hoodwink? Shadows of both create a shade Giving off a rare reflection Illuminated obscurity haunts Profane moments of existence Little friskiness becomes trouble Frolicking moments of failure ~Amitav Continue reading Dichotomy

Visible Anarchy

Torrential reflections create a vulgar scenario of chaos From transcendental mirrors emerges the truth Unnecessary obsession with mercenary thoughts Combatting the heavy-handed progress of deployed anarchy Nothing is substantial amidst the unrealistic fury Poltroons fail to articulate the real desires convincingly Nursing the repeated failures with numbing lotions Temporary comfort nudges the soul to retreat to a corner Invisibility of spirit eases the influencing of minds … Continue reading Visible Anarchy


Cynical yearnings depreciates the soul Urging pernicious actions to disarrange fate Inspiring a domino effect Eviscerating the cosy nature of hearts Willingly constructing fences of barbed wires Those hands toil to create deathly knots Stretched across the subconscious Numerous plans to destabilise life in earnest Tutoring minds to view life through tainted glass Peering eyes with saddened feelings gaze Sultry thoughts permeate greedily Eagerly gulping … Continue reading Clamour


Stirrings of transient memories stream through the mind Sensations on the skin trickle down to wake up forgotten dreams Worldly desires have a firm grip on the heart till last breath Influentially chronicles the fate on earth with an invisible ink Differentiating the journey on realised terrains that contradict Features that will be crafted with ideologies of superficial consciousness Dancing around in perpetual inebriated state … Continue reading Transient


Jealousy fills the mind with anger and that acts as a corrosive property, thus, destroying anything along the path- intellect, common-sense, love, respect, gratitude, and self-development. The person, against whom the feelings are directed is completely oblivious and continues with life; with a positive feeling and is successful in realizing its true essence. This positive feeling can take the individual toward success, despite the hurdles. … Continue reading Jealousy

Hurried Steps

Walking through life in hurried steps Unusual briskness tires the soles too often The feet barely make contact with the Earth Entire body in a state of stiffness from expectations When life becomes an indomitable challenge There was not enough time for self-realization Hurried decisions to plunge into life unprepared Without the knowledge to comprehend details Dreams of acquiring too much too soon Relationships become … Continue reading Hurried Steps

Passive Travelers

Passive slavery of the mind Passing through every stage in life, blindfolded One solitary figure wading through sea of crowd Without an identity and a voice Feeble voice drowns in the chorus, without being heard There is clamour for space to be ahead Chided away for being without a true identity Perfectly blended with the sameness, cloaked in anonymity A brief life becomes meaningless and … Continue reading Passive Travelers