Pretending to see but there are no intentions to seek Modern-day communique is a passionless retaliation The silly back and forth of unrestrained tirades Feelings traded with disdain in a void and dark world Powerless wields power in engineered times Jammed clocks are reminders of futile moments ~Amitav Continue reading Pretence


Don’t allow dreams to be led through coercive corridors; you may see many doors along the way, but they can push you and your dream to the confines of four walls. Those doors are not of opportunity, but they close behind you firmly to institutionalise the mind with thoughts that are not yours to accept. Compartmentalised and conditioned, the mind thinks while being stimulated with certain … Continue reading Misguided


When thoughts are diligently shared Anonymous mind contemplates them   Not related, but consciously connected Beyond perceptions These are relationships undeciphered Profound interaction of intuitive minds Death is esoteric Thoughts have been delivered already Continuum ecosystem Thinking may be restricted in one While it continues in another reality Undefined is omniscience Human weakness fails to trample truth Absence of providential eyes Incomplete inferences of feeble intellect … Continue reading Remorseful

Some Voices

It is not about the origin of contemporary voices But about their expression in abundance and vitality Echoes in a restricted space; tossed unnecessarily Assortment of ideas reluctantly beside each other This hour or that, there is always time to be blamed For, miscalculated articulations cannot defend Crispy moments are noisy and extremely delicate Counter-narrative exposes the tension and insecurity Clock gathers the courage to … Continue reading Some Voices


Metaphorical screams are so disquieting Translated effectively through self-aggrandising acts  Romanticism of untruth portray extravagant characters Numerous misprints and missing words weave tales Like creepy worms devouring the truth There are enough truths birthed from faulty ideologies Expletives reprimand the elegant delivery of life Falsities become a behemoth that threatens mortals ~Amitav Continue reading Poseur

Implausible Scripts

Shredded scripts of treacherous drama obliterate pernicious dialogues Days when everything was staged with excessive paint to hide falsehood Overthinking and calculative minds scripted narratives of grotesque objectification Happiness struggled to percolate through the stubborn filters of potent lies Even a trickle of that feeling created a hallucination which initiated delirium Breathing, thinking, and communicating according to repetitive memorization Thick curtains allowed only as much freedom … Continue reading Implausible Scripts

The Echoes

Wonder which language the ancient monuments speak Once grand and glory of an Age they survive the onslaught of time Many mysteries are whispered by the walls, remain still in oblivion Not all the stories have been narrated and those spirits await liberation Narratives remain relevant forever as eternity carries them Listen to the murmurs of the mountains and impatience in surrounding winds Echoes between the … Continue reading The Echoes


Disenchantment in the folds of a heart Profane argument emanate from a hypocritical mind Trying to make sense in vain Viciously stirring the fine blend of life to create an upheaval An uprising within forces the feeling of love to spill over Thick layers of monotony cover the walls of darkened abode Bifurcated tongue cannot express life’s language with clarity Feigning naiveness to adulterate the sweet nectar … Continue reading Disenchantment

Actions Speak

False language articulated by deceptive tongue Ambivalent heart has never been unaware of the subtle insinuations Many attempts have been made to scheme a grand plan  Lure the heart to follow devious routes  Aggrandized dreams always arouse the desires of infamy Why curse fate? Weakness reconciles with the Machiavellian plans If not in entirety, some inclination towards avarice made the choice Indulging in and supporting the opulent lies Life … Continue reading Actions Speak