Where it Leads

The straggling words pull the mind through a maze Unsuspecting mind wandering there was among the crowd Pulled along the damp ground for the desires to be scattered  No, there are no eager hands to nurture them For convenience, the comparisons are laid to rest A world that is embraced by the darkness feels pleasing Sometimes, sprinkled with stars, the only reason to hope Perspectives … Continue reading Where it Leads


Crabbed minds hold on to ideas with such steely pincers Especially, a truth that has been modified and mollified Holding the truth in a miserable state of consciousness Except for the truth that should have been, is executed So many stakeholders come for a common purpose Of infecting the minds with the pandemic ideologies Happy playing with the altered and contagious truth Such is the … Continue reading Obscurantism


The flurry of movements Each step birthing a frenzy to lure consciousness Chemical imbalances and declining feelings It is euphoric to witness the crazy enthusiasm Heads swaying to exploding tunes of acrimony Torrential ideologies dim the natural senses Stern algorithms creates a parallel world  Willingly entering into an alternate reality Education has become counter-intuitive Vitriolic comments drip from poisonous tongue Exposing the savagery that still … Continue reading Movement


Life interprets you in a different way Silent and enigmatic, observing keenly Many eloquent excuses aren’t enough Enchanting ways to confuse destiny Life’s instructions are ignored Sacrificing the truth to forcefully surge ahead Language is necessary to create stories How many of them are truthful? Lacunae cannot be erased by concocted pledges Rights have been sacrificed unknowingly Letters are interpreted with ulterior motives Through the … Continue reading Interpretation

Subtle Demarcations

We aspire to trespass the subtle demarcations Etched over the canvas of life as cloned motifs Transgressions elevated to a notion of adventure Running away to prove superiority over own ilk Crowding over the myriad definitions of existence Trying to usurp an imaginary position of hegemony In hordes, the consciousness deviates from life Many stories have been woven with fabrications The inferences from them reflect weaknesses … Continue reading Subtle Demarcations

Narratives of Existence

Ah! These translated feelings that run through the verses Narrating experiences and observations from the episodes One does not reach the corridors of subtle consciousness in a day It’s a devoted effort to comprehend life and the soulful feelings There is an effort to distract with unfaithful narratives, diligently rehearsed Keen senses penetrate the facades of meticulously scripted drama Grand stages of life, where the … Continue reading Narratives of Existence

Convincing Scripts

Counterfeit characters perfectly suited in finery Measured to perfection to accentuate the body into work of Art Of exaggerated desires and emotions touching the contours  Silhouettes transformed into individuals for a convincing role-play Scripted dialogues, thoroughly rehearsed for perfect pitch and modulation Under the spotlight, light fills the body with different frequency Emitting vibrations of an alluring type to seduce the audience Aura of pretence becomes … Continue reading Convincing Scripts