The Orb in a Vacuum

The ghostly hours sneak into the mind to fool around with thoughts, It reminds the heart of all the memories that were forgotten but not lost; They must have been somewhere in the scheme to unnerve the plot. The soul must be engaged with the ephemeral chaos around a glowing orb- These vanishing hours invoke the unpleasantness of impious powers.   Languid reveries are breathed … Continue reading The Orb in a Vacuum

A Fallacy

It is fallacious to think that character is for a masque display Express wonder and applause at all the dialogues and monologues Entertain various interpretations of the masks of each character Distractions of potent illusions and their rehearsed spontaneity Filled with strangeness, the stage is ignited with a tempestuous feel A forced tragedy fortify the plot with numerous ways of deceit What is so rich … Continue reading A Fallacy


There is a conscience, and it questions persistently Answering is a choice as it is to run away from it and steal a path  Fancy peeking into the minds and collecting those thoughts? Taking frantic notes and attaching dodgy meanings to create fantasies Many such aggrandized pieces seduced into silent resignation Fanfare and frolic; cavorting to the lascivious tunes Conscience witnesses the nonsense and has a … Continue reading Conscience

Some Ideas

Some ideas are just silhouettes Where imagination blends with light To play at a different level and wavelength It’s a magical souvenir As the eyes seek coherence From the realm of isolation  Here, communicating with light Darkness is the perfect canvas Now that they are conceived Allow them to play with your senses Dancing with the silhouettes You do not realize you could move Freely, … Continue reading Some Ideas

Those Eyes

Those eyes seeking dreams not within reach Without any narratives, they flow aimlessly Alluring it seems, to forget everything and chase Frantically sets the pace to grasp the phantasm Dreams spin in frenzy after exaggeration Illusion creates strife between life and reality Continuous struggle and outcry proves futile Humanity without humane feelings prosper Inviting the wrath of convergent visions© Continue reading Those Eyes

Masked Nature

It’s not in nature to be of Nature anymore Transformations have given the choices of disguise Every day a new persona with a mask to match A necessity of Life to endear oneself Reality, a distant enigma in the midst of scripted roles Fusion of so many fashionable characters True self  is on a hiatus, a forgotten identity Social pleasantries, when imitated, look more convincing … Continue reading Masked Nature

Heart Becomes Weary

Heart becomes weary When love becomes a fantasy An imagination born out of deception The heart sways between tow worlds- Chastising the truth and encouraging the lies Such moments of euphoric gratification The world shrinks and becomes an island Surrounded by the strong flowing desires Wrenching the heart of true love, slowly Finally, the heart is weaned away forever On the island of despair Marooned … Continue reading Heart Becomes Weary