Undisguised Insincerity

Feigned love, failed love, the masked appearances, behind the scenes a scripted chronological deception An exhilarating addiction and euphoria, the quiet hysteria of dark force Orchestrated lust, the trampled trust, like a warfare of counterfeit love; losing a portion of the soul with each crescendo of unhinged emotions All naked, bare emotions, stripped innocence, but a dramatized passion of a struggling soul, the rise of … Continue reading Undisguised Insincerity

Secret of the Smile

The universe cannot wipe off the wry smile An irised landscape isn’t colorful enough for us Painting the world with many unnatural hues Defacing the natural graffiti, a masterpiece Mystical symphonies aren’t audible to us Jarring noises send shockwaves of unnatural euphoria We believe we are the custodians of this paradise Universe is regaled by such preposterous thoughts Wry smile on its face narrates a different dimension … Continue reading Secret of the Smile

Mirrored Reality

Mirrors are the Window to the Soul And windows are Mirror to the world Every image A mere reflection Of our perception Reality may escape Lies entrapped Extra grandeur Adds to the sheen Colorful veneers The world’s underbelly Runs parallel With sinister stories Hidden by fabrications So many cover-ups Eyes blinded By the bright lights Pieces of paper Wields more power Compared to Human resilience … Continue reading Mirrored Reality