It Stays Longer

A traitorous season stays Dysfunctional, but clearly, that’s the choice Delusional rage over truth spelt out for the first time It takes time to sink in through asphalt paths Truth is more likely to be trampled Faustian values survive without being fed Being in hibernation in underground labyrinths Spewing the poisons of fatal darkness Truth is lame or being maimed Stoking the spirit of hatred … Continue reading It Stays Longer

Towards an Unknown

Loneliest stillness rise up like the gloomy citadel From the discontented core waiting to caress obscurity Times are frozen and unrelenting; the deadness is alive Yes, it is the time for the dispassionate stillness to thrive Not all harmonies translate to a beautiful music Thoughtful side pushed against the wall Another half is pulled away towards the dark stairs Spirals and the deadly murals complement … Continue reading Towards an Unknown

On Reflections

Deficient reflections aren’t handed over with any benevolent intentions They slump ignominiously immediately after passing through the faulty prism All the condemned mirrors multiply the confusion Starting a battle over misinterpreted and overlapped visions Virtuous ones observe in silence as the squabbles consume positive energy The philosophy of the psychological turmoil is distorted in every possible way As contemplations are misshapen by the rough surfaces … Continue reading On Reflections


When intuitions aren’t sharpened like an arrow The nock isn’t calibrated to find it’s way through inclement frequencies Eyes quiver; an ominous sign of a false stance  Slouched posture and diminishing enthusiasm decelerates the heart Without the beats of life being sound and bold Chances are that the hiatus for the intuitions are prolonged  A recess of restlessness and fidgeting with the sharp edges of life … Continue reading Intuitions


Pretending to listen, shrugging off the creepy intentions of ideologies that are eager to scale the wall They begin to fish from shallow waters and absolutely fooled by the conflicting reflections Huffing and puffing while searching for that inconceivable depth from a precarious slip towards an illusion This reality is murkier than imagined and pulls them toward an abyss that decides the depth according to … Continue reading Faults

Eerie Truth

Palpable nonchalance while identifying the mind behind an ideology There is a lazy impulse to pick up the easily available justifications Even if it is rejected, the mind that created this dogma hold on to excuses Just extolling the beliefs without any consideration of accepting the fault Such indistinct ideas gather momentum and credence among multitude The stink of brazen behaviour becomes unbearable for the … Continue reading Eerie Truth

Set in Motion

Quintessential delusion freezes the motion of thoughts Impeding the actions that could have led to a friendship Pulling away the hand prematurely; fear acts as an aphrodisiac Stimulating the mind to form slanderous images Intelligent reasoning arrested by the network of aberrations One who is not at fault is defamed and shoved away With raging eyes evaporates the last drop of wisdom Rapidly vanishing reflection … Continue reading Set in Motion


An attempt to reconcile goes awry after humanisation of perceptions Components of ideas unable to fit in the naturally carved spaces Numerous instances where they protrude disgracefully Raising their head unnecessarily; an estranged relationship amplified Manufactured and controlled with altered state of particles Struck by time snags, numerous false implementation of mutant thoughts Power of abnormality presides over the minions forced to adhere Hand in … Continue reading Reconciliation


Dealing with life in a superficial manner has left consciousness vulnerable and unfit to think beyond the self and also analyse the deep impact of a situation that has arisen from faulty perspectives and inability to comprehend the chaos which is essential to destabilise the unforeseen threats of weak interpretations. Today, when we are forced to view ourselves in the mirror of truth we fail … Continue reading Understanding

The Ambiguity

Life’s immortality exists in a mortal body  There is an ambiguity in the proclamation  When the consciousness seeks eternity A shadow of doubt pulls the attention towards the physical It takes time and eventually the renunciation of that illusion To believe that we are not adjuncts of this paradise Looking at life with disregard for the essence of life Seeds of discrimination sprout and take … Continue reading The Ambiguity