Contrary Perceptions

It’s difficult to focus away from the lament and appreciate the verses Whether it is dislike, disenchantment, and delusional aversion, is debated in every age Truth is unbearable; chronicling the temperamental world’s deviations Not all of them have the same background, but the prevalent contempt cannot be erased Symmetrical, ungainly, and even preposterous sometimes can still speak the truth Drafts of a craft, when it … Continue reading Contrary Perceptions

Fatal Obsession

Feelings aren’t expurgated; they do not carry the same innocence once it gets caught in that act Conditions of the heart become feeble when harsh conditions are dictated by an oppressor World’s obsession with curbing the natural enthusiasm has distorted the meaning of love With all those frozen emotions losing their charm flow aimlessly like a forgotten brook through a dark forest Taut nerves form … Continue reading Fatal Obsession

Washed Away

There is no discord, but probably being ignored for a while upped the annoyance Who shall intervene for a reconciliation between the aggrieved day and brooding feelings? The day is flickering now; it’s time for a moist evening to absorb the melancholic sentiments Getting drenched is a desire if the clouds would be generous enough tonight Is it going to be another struggle to see … Continue reading Washed Away


Trampled ways hurt the feet, but it’s not easy to find a different path  Incompatible it may seem for a while in the eyes of a familiarly busy world Free from the tapestries of turbulent designs that accentuate the chaos It won’t be easy treading across the undulating valleys that have been carved out After the castigated thoughts unwillingly walk away from the troubled mind … Continue reading Incompatibility

Drowsy Night

The night seems to be drowsier than an indolent world far away Some listless moments spiral in a mysterious way through the tapestry Moonlight cannot be goaded further to shine brighter during a furtive moment Feels liquid, it trickles away into an abyss as it seeks to join a secret river Cloak of extreme whiteness disguises a melancholic night to save it from curious eyes … Continue reading Drowsy Night

Literature and Writing

Literature is not supposed to be devoured. To really appreciate the essence, one has to hold a book with care to listen to an unopened book; it’s the silent appreciation of the sentiment it radiates is the beginning of a long relationship with literature, a culture, characters, and a world of imaginations. Creativity just does not spill over in haste, it flows over eagerly, only … Continue reading Literature and Writing

It’s Time

Some memories at odd hours come back again, knocking rather impatiently At the time when darkness is about to engulf the day which has been unsatisfactory Even some unwanted guests are here at the door; to seek an audience, or just disturb the silence with some banter In times of dilemma, no one wants to listen patiently or be there to share the burden of … Continue reading It’s Time

Evil Eye

Jealousy, the bellicose resident offers an alternative narrative Suggesting departure from the norm From a life of compassion to a more tumultuous one, monitored by the hawkish eyes Provoke fire and fury, burn peace within, and play with the cinders Sinking into the soul with a vengeance The fury of jealousy burns brighter than the harshest summers  Impaled by the severe predicament, it’s just an … Continue reading Evil Eye