From Words to Wisdom

If the words become too stubborn Spending too much time in the kiln  Emptied emotions through the cracks Scorched and transformed, indifference The magician’s potion is not potent Torture of drowning them in a crucible Such drama to revive them; pithy sorcery Inescapable torture from excesses Embellished with fraudulence   There’s a spectacle for everyone’s eyes Contempt and jeering for the hollow drama A spectator cannot … Continue reading From Words to Wisdom


If everything was fire and burning eternally One who sparked those intense flames Exceptional luminosity gave a glimpse of life Misunderstood the ignited consciousness Speaking fire with fire- we charm ourselves Trying to dominate and manipulate  That essence of life lost in rousing uncertainty Eliminating the sheen off edges of horizon Senses unaware of those pure chants of fire Misinterpreting light and warmth in the … Continue reading Fire