Fallow terrains, unattainable desires, mistrusts and chaos All eyes on the expectations of change… not within, but what you are surrounded with Worthy or not, the stubborn desire to dominate the circumstances Picking out the flaws with merciless pincers… they distort the shape further A grotesque accumulation across the barren lands is an unworthy sight Mistaken perceptions find something to celebrate about the triumph A … Continue reading Barren

Often Repeated

You can steal the colours from a painting Mastery cannot be imitated Ideas can be stolen and propagated The interpretations will be flawed Sarcasm is always original From emaciated minds, they ooze Language slips through the perforated tongue Just to be heard and taken seriously Or jealous about pure reasons Those who spend their life comprehending A life with the deepest compassion Highlight the flaws … Continue reading Often Repeated


Battling the phantom issues; they rise from the land of darkness Enemies were raised from the spiteful imaginations- gone wild, wild, wild The desire to see through the darkness and wishing for a gift for those warriors Messengers with misinterpreted messages and deeply flawed perceptions Waiting for some fiercely breathtaking adventures in the midst of dusty terrains Shrouded in perpetual darkness; closely, the warriors whisper … Continue reading Flawed


Frightened bones barely hold on to the coiled body Darkness has profound role while carving out a silhouette Pillows filled with woes do not provide an expected rest Imageries of a blithesome world carry deeply flawed philosophy Lusty physical state usurps the metaphysical bliss Tattered relationships hold on to feeble threads of hope Thou have mourned the ruins in heavily echoing words Forgotten follies prompted … Continue reading Disheartening


The flurry of movements Each step birthing a frenzy to lure consciousness Chemical imbalances and declining feelings It is euphoric to witness the crazy enthusiasm Heads swaying to exploding tunes of acrimony Torrential ideologies dim the natural senses Stern algorithms creates a parallel world  Willingly entering into an alternate reality Education has become counter-intuitive Vitriolic comments drip from poisonous tongue Exposing the savagery that still … Continue reading Movement

Flawed Memoirs

The mind has been contemplating the bourgeois thoughts Confabulations of acquired consciousness and subliminal world Novices have inherited from the overheard conversations Flawed tastes lure the tongue towards acerbic and impotent desires Life has a simple spelling but explanations carry complicated meanings Grammar of existence was composed by the Divine consciousness Now, the concept of Time is in a knot and gasping for release Plenty … Continue reading Flawed Memoirs

The Original Design

The original design of the plan integrated every piece perfectly. The creator with an unparalleled imagination planned the magnificent design. It is visible from afar with the naked eye. Intricate designs chiseled with fine craftsmanship, resulting in a stupendous display of subtle nuances. Planned with meticulous details, a backup design was also thought of and introduced as a parallel existence. The parallel world is unknown … Continue reading The Original Design