The Mirrors

From the mirrors reflect infinite moments Silent stirring breathes life through subtle furrows A sigh from above opens an abundant light world Fading lassitude being pushed away gently Long rays reach the deepest corners of melancholy Dreams climb eagerly with wandering breeze Garden feels revived after a long dry spell Changed courses of feelings flow with sparkles ~Amitav Continue reading The Mirrors

Feelings and Hope

Feelings die amidst profanities Those buds yearn to blossom Dreams cocooned in desires Winds of change being playful Bending stems strain the roots Stripping the heart of fantasies Hope seems a lingering illusion Buds will fade tomorrow Summer will erase their name Neither petals nor aroma Deflated days sing soulfully Sea of sentiments is shallow Horizon ignore the drift Fading light brings new hope ~Amitav Continue reading Feelings and Hope

Oceanic Moments

Tantalisingly close, yet the depths are unfathomable Oceanic secrets held by eternity as a mysterious chapter Waves are tranquil and uproarious, depending on the feelings Silence and stormy moments do not yield the precious secrets Listening to the echoing sounds and jostling emotions  Is an experience along the passage of timelessness Footsteps on the sands will be washed away or erased by winds A traveler’s efforts … Continue reading Oceanic Moments

True Expressions

The viscosity of the words expressed degree of inner turmoil Truthful feelings were never taken seriously, only refuge, a pool Where, every day the heart would want to visit and reminisce Reflections gave some indications that contradicted prevailing reality Vigorously churning and thickening with resentment  The denseness of life seems to have stalled the flow to a tedious journey Deficient thoughts gossip to make the … Continue reading True Expressions