Nature’s Duality- A Phenomenon

Nature’s segregated-between real and unreal Duality of characteristic casts a concerning shadow One holds the ancient values,  The other a bio-engineering rebel So many predictions go haywire; their unpredictability Creates an ethical tussle between old and new The wind conspires with the original species Not the ones adorned with fortified nutrients Evoking a new plan to find common ground is entangled Indecisive Nature reflects the … Continue reading Nature’s Duality- A Phenomenon


Deeply indebted to nature For the existence and survival Yet, we have the oldest enmity Even the slightest overgrowth Prompts humanity to lacerate The soul of such beauty Many wounds have been inflicted Humanity’s presence increased Dominating every acre that was conquered Footprints went haywire Tinge of delight on the false sense of victory More of a blot on the Karma Soon the crucible will … Continue reading Indebted

Food, not Food Enough

The once favorite and palatable fast food item is serving some unpalatable truths. It’s been quite a revelation of some unsavory truth about its ingredients. Once, the cynosure of many generations and the promise of saving ‘2 minutes’ of your precious time and make you proud of your culinary prowess. The dream that was being sold for so many years is turning out to be a … Continue reading Food, not Food Enough